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The Maine EMS for Children program regularly surveys Maine EMS agencies on their individual efforts around pediatric education.  This is reflected through a national survey conducted at the same time, giving perspective on Maine's efforts compared to national metrics.  Survey results are found below:

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  • The Maine EMS for Children program conducted a statewide survey of all EMS agencies regarding two critical concepts.  These concepts are part of the EMS-C performance measures and federal requirements.

    • 1. Does your service have a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC) to help with equipment, education, and pediatric-specific QI?
      2. Do you conduct annual pediatric-specific skills evaluations of your clinicians?

    Maine EMS-C and NEDARC (our EMS-C national partner in data collection and analysis) reached out to all services and service leaders with a multitude of emails, statewide meeting reminders, and hundreds of phone calls over a period of 3 months.  118 out of 259 (45.6%) EMS services responded to the survey and provided the following information. (14 licensed services were not included as they do not respond to 911 calls)

    2019 Maine EMSC EMS survey results (PDF)

    2019 National EMSC EMS survey results (PDF)


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