Interfacility Transports

Interfacility Transports (IFTs) in Maine consist of calls outside the typical "911" arena.  They include calls such as hospital discharges to skilled nursing facilities, transfers to other hospitals for upgrades in care, or continuation of care for specialized reasons.  Transports may also include transports for dialysis, medical appointments, or other care as determined by patient condition.  EMS clinicians perform several types of IFTs:

  • BLS IFT - Basic Life Support transports with minimal interventions but require medical supervision/management
  • ALS IFT - Advanced Life Support transports with EKG monitoring, IV fluids, and medications within the current Maine EMS Prehospital Protocols
  • PIFT - Paramedic Interfacility Transports that are done by services approved as a PIFT service and uses a paramedic who has completed additional education to be certified at the PIFT level.  PIFT paramedics use medications, devices, and physician orders for care outside the traditional Maine EMS Prehospital Protocols, but meet certain criteria (e.g. clinician scope of practice, patient stability)
  • SCT - Specialty Care Transports, known in some states as critical care transports, are collaborative transports between hospital staff (e.g. RNs, RTs, physicians)  and EMS clinicians. Patient may be unstable, require treatments outside of EMS clinicians scope, or by sending facility preference. 


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