Clinician Reciprocity

The State of Maine requires that you have a Maine EMS license. To obtain a Maine EMS license:

  • Create a new account near the bottom of the page at
  • Log in to the account and complete a "EMS Clinician & New Vehicle Operator Application"
  • You must send a copy of the State EMS Verification Form (PDF) to every state you have or have had a license/certification in and have them return the completed form to Maine EMS.
  • You will need a background check of any state you have lived in for the past 3 years, except Maine.
    • This must be done through a state agency and cannot be done through a private organization. Typically, this is through the State Police in the state you lived in. It can be mailed to you and submitted electronically to Maine EMS, or
    • Mailed to Maine EMS at 45 Commerce Drive, Suite 1, 152 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333 ▪ Faxed to 207-287-6251 or
    • Emailed to
  • Submit the application and any background checks completed, along with the fee based on your license level:
    • EMR $46
    • EMT $46
    • AEMT $71
    • Paramedic $71
  • Once all materials have been received, processing may take up to 10 days.
  • Your expiration date of your Maine EMS license will match your state expiration date. In no case will the expiration date exceed 2 years from date of licensure in Maine.