Complaints / Concerns

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The Maine EMS Board investigates complaints against individuals and agencies within the Maine EMS System in accordance with M.R.S. Title 32 Ch. 2-B. A complaint may be made against any of the following types of services:

  • A transporting service
  • A non-transporting service
  • An emergency medical dispatch center
  • A training center

As well as any individual EMS license holders at the following levels:

  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Advanced EMT
  • Paramedic
  • Emergency Medical Dispatcher
  • Instructor Coordinator

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Department of Public Safety, or Maine Emergency Medical Services does not have jurisdiction over EMS billing practices and therefore does not investigate billing complaints. Pursuant to 32 M.R.S. § 91-B, complaints remain confidential during the pendency of an investigation. However, to investigate your complaint appropriately, it may be necessary to contact you. Providing your personal contact information will allow Maine EMS staff to contact you if necessary. Additionally, it may be necessary for Maine EMS Staff to speak with or receive statements from, witnesses, medical staff, or other involved parties.

Confidentiality: With limited exceptions, complaints and investigative records are confidential during the pendency of an investigation. The complaint and the complaint file become public upon the conclusion of an investigation, unless confidentiality is required by some other provision of law. However, patient treatment records obtained during investigation typically remain confidential, unless the release of those records is required by law.