Trauma Advisory Committee Resources

The responsibility and the challenge for every Trauma System Hospital is to provide effective and efficient clinical decision-making and trauma care, assure appropriate consultation and, when required, effect appropriate transfer to other facilities. The commitment of the Trauma System Hospital is to participate in the TAC Trauma Technical Assistance Program, and develop its own "Guide to Trauma Care in the Emergency Department" (with the assistance of MEMS staff to the Program) at least once every five years. It will also commit to participate in Regional Trauma Center outreach programs when they are offered. The reward for participation will be inclusion in a coordinated, approved system of care, patient outcome analysis, performance-based continuing education, and community recognition as a portal to a statewide System of trauma care resources.Other features of this commitment include:

  • A functioning Emergency Department staffed with physicians or physician-extenders who regularly participate in trauma care continuing education, and participate effectively in the Maine EMS system of prehospital medical direction;
  • Communication technology enabling effective and efficient medical direction of EMS personnel, and communications with specialty transport and trauma consulting resources (including tele-trauma systems when they are made available);
  • A person designated as the primary Trauma System Hospital contact to work with the Maine EMS Regional Trauma Coordinator and State Trauma System Manager; and
  • A commitment to Trauma System integration, participation in outreach educational and performance improvement programs and allowing quality improvement review of process and outcome of patient clinical interactions.

Maine EMS Trauma System Operations Manual (PDF)

Mild TBI Guidelines (2019) (PDF)

Mild TBI Guidelines Sample Order Set (2019) (PDF)

Contact Information

The following is contact information for general administrative purposes, and for the purpose of consulting Trauma Center staff for the care and possible referral of trauma patients.

Administrative Contacts:

For Trauma Technical Assistance Program, Trauma Advisory Committee, and other statewide Trauma System Issues:

  • Trauma System Manager: Kate Zimmerman, DO, 207-626-3860
  • Maine EMS Staff Representative: Marc Minkler, 207-626-3860,

Regional Trauma Coordinators

For trauma service matters at their respective Regional Trauma Centers, outreach visits, feedback on referred patients, and trauma data for facilities in that general Trauma Center region:

  • Doris Laslie, RN, Central Maine Medical Center - see contact information below
  • Pret Bjorn, RN, Eastern Maine Medical Center - see contact information below
  • Tammy Lachance, RN, Maine Medical Center - see contact information below

Regional Trauma Centers: Consultation and Transfer Contacts

(Including administrative, patient follow-up and other purposes as specified below):

In contacting any of the three regional trauma centers for clinical consultation or patient transfer, you should contact the “one call” numbers listed below to request the trauma service or other service as specified:

  • Central Maine Medical Center:
    • For consult or transfer, call “CMMC Connect” at 1-877-366-7700 to be connected with a trauma surgeon.
    • For feedback or administrative issues, call Trauma Director: 795-2869, or Regional Trauma Coordinator: 795-2869 (ask for Doris Laslie, RN)
  • Eastern Maine Medical Center
    • For consult or transfer, call 207-973-9000
    • For feedback or administrative issues:
    • Regional Trauma Coordinator: 207-973-7260 (Pret Bjorn
    • Trauma Director: 207-973-4949 (ask for Dr. David Burke )
    • Transfer Center Director: 207-973-8005 (Dr. Norm Dinerman


  • Maine Medical Center:
    • For consult or transfer call “MMC One Call” at 866-662-6632.
    • For feedback or administrative issues, call Trauma Medical Director: 774-2381 (ask for Dr. Rob Winchell - or Regional Trauma Coordinator: 774-2381 extension 316 (ask for Tammy Lachance -

Trauma Advisory Committee Trauma Technical Assistance Program for Trauma System Hospitals


    Hospitals Eligible for Trauma System Hospital Designation and Their Designation Status

    The dates listed below are for the most recent designation as Trauma System Hospital following a Technical Assistance visit. A “1995” designation is the original designation and no Technical Assistance visit has been requested by the facility. Facilities in bold highlights are designated Trauma System Hospitals as of 2010.

    • Aroostook Medical Center - 2006
    • Blue Hill Memorial Hospital - 2004
    • Bridgton Hospital -2012
    • C.A. Dean Memorial Hospital - 2004
    • Calais Regional Hospital - 2004
    • Cary Medical Center - 1995
    • Down East Community Hospital - 2012
    • Franklin Memorial Hospital - 2003
    • Southern Maine Hospital Center - Sanford Campus - 1995
    • Houlton Regional Hospital - 2004
    • Inland Hospital - 1995
    • Maine Coast Memorial Hospital - 2009
    • Maine General Hospital Augusta Campus - 2012
    • Maine General Hospital Waterville Campus - 2010
    • Mayo Regional Hospital - 2012
    • Mercy Hospital - 1995
    • Mid-Coast Hospital - 2010
    • Miles Memorial Hospital - 2006
    • Millinocket Regional Hospital - 1995
    • Mount Desert Island Hospital - 2004
    • Northern Maine Medical Center - 2005
    • Parkview Hospital - 2006
    • Penobscot Bay Medical Center - 2002
    • Penobscot Valley Hospital - 2008
    • Redington-Fairview General Hospital - 2006
    • Rumford Community Hospital - 1995
    • Saint Andrew's Hospital - 2004
    • Saint Joseph’s Hospital - 1995
    • St. Mary’s General Hospital - 1995
    • Sebasticook Valley Hospital - 2005
    • Southern Maine Medical Center - Biddeford Campus - 1995
    • Stephens Memorial Hospital - 2009
    • Waldo County General Hospital - 2009
    • York Hospital - 1995