New EMS Ambulance Operator License

These instructions are for individuals who do NOT have an EMS license


are associated with a ground ambulance service and will function as ambulance operators.

NOTE: This section does not apply to a person not associated with a ground ambulance service who operates an emergency medical services ambulance (i.e. an ambulance manufacturer or dealer, performing mechanical work, or someone not reasonably expected to be tasked with operating an ambulance as part of an emergency response or transport of a patient)

If you have an expired Maine EMS Ambulance Operator license YOU CANNOT OPERATE AN AMBULANCE!

This requirement was added by the Maine State Legislature in statute in 2021.  The Maine EMS Board added a waiver extension until December 16, 2023 Waiver Temporarily Postponing Ambulance Operator Licensure Requirement (PDF) (6/8/23)

In order to apply for an Ambulance Operator License, the State of Maine requires

  1. A valid driver's license (any state)
  2. A background check
  3. Verification review of any previous or current EMS certification/licensure in any state at any time

Residency in Maine or affiliation with an EMS service or agency is NOT required.  The State of Maine does not issue physical license cards. You can download and print a copy of your license by logging into your eLicensing account. Maine EMS Operator licenses are valid for up to 2 years and expire at midnight on January 31 of the year listed on your license.

To obtain a Maine EMS Ambulance Operator License license:

  • Create a new account near the bottom of the page at
  • Log in to the account and complete an "EMS Clinician & New Vehicle Operator Application"
  • You will need a background check of EVERY state you have lived in for the past 3 years, except Maine.
    • This must be done through a state agency and cannot be done through a private organization. Typically, this is the through the State Police in the state you lived in.
      • Maine EMS will conduct the background for Maine
      • You are responsible to obtain any background checks from states you lived in at any point for the past three years (Maine EMS licensing team can help you)
      • You are responsible for any verification of previous or current EMS licensure in any other state at any time (Maine EMS licensing team can help you).
    • It can be mailed to directly to Maine EMS or to you and submitted electronically to Maine EMS, or
      • Mailed to Maine EMS at 45 Commerce Drive, Suite 1, 152 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333
      • Faxed to 207-287-6251 or
      • Emailed to
  • Submit the application and any background checks completed, along with a $21 fee. This fee covers the cost of a State of Maine background check which we will complete.
  • Once all materials have been received, processing may take up to 10 days.
  • You MUST maintain your Maine EMS Ambulance Operator License to operate an ambulance.