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COVID-19 Impact On Licensing

By authority approved and delegated by the Maine Board of EMS, in accordance with emergency legislation passed by Governor Janet Mills, Maine EMS is waiving certain rules pertaining to re-licensure for both Maine licensed EMS personnel. This waiver is approved in support of maintaining an effective EMS system response capability.  Due to the challenges and availability of skills-based classes, the Maine EMS Board has waived the requirement of hours related to BLS and ALS skills, HOWEVER, has not waived the total hours needed to relicense.  This means that for every hour normally required for any BLS and ALS skills, for any license level, clinicians can replace that hour with an hour of any other education category.  We will still accept skills hours if obtained, but otherwise, as an example, an EMT can substitute the 8 hours of BLS skills needed for relicensure with 4 hours of trauma education, 2 hours of medical, and 2 hours of preparatory/operations.  The hours can be mixed in any combination of time or category in Preparatory/Operations, Airway/Breathing/Circulation, Assessment, Medical, Trauma, Obstetrics/Pediatrics.  Please visit the EMS License Renewal page for more info on total hour requirements, and review the waiver below.

18-month extension

Maine EMS has added an 18-month extension to all current EMS provider licenses, effective May 20, 2022.
EMS Week and EMS license extension letter (PDF) (5/20/22)

Expired license waiver

On May 4, 2022, the Maine EMS Board approved a waiver request from the Maine EMS Labor Committee to allow EMS clinicians whose license has expired, or will expire, within the last two years to be able to relicense at the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) levels for a period of two-years without demonstrating the required continuing education hours needed for traditional reinstatement. The individual must have all protocol update activities completed before delivering any patient care. This provisional license will be active for two years. The individual must meet all other requirements for license renewal at expiration to renew the license, which will then become a regular, versus “provisional” license.

Using this method, individuals licensed at the Paramedic or Advanced EMT level may relicense at the EMR or EMT level. It is important to note that Maine EMS feels strongly that continuing education is a critical underpinning of the quality of the Maine EMS system.

The criteria to take advantage of this reinstatement opportunity to obtain a two-year, provisional EMR or EMT license:

•          The license expired or will expire between May 4, 2020, and May 4, 2023, and

•          The individual meets all other requirements for license renewal, including, but not limited to, a Maine background check.

This waiver will expire on June 1, 2023.

Maine EMS Waiver For Expired Clinician Licenses (PDF) (5/25/22)

Waiver of Skills Hour Requirement for Clinician Licensing (PDF) (5/5/21)

Any questions can be sent to maine.ems@maine.gov

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