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Current Maine EMS Statewide Protocols (Jan 31, 2024) are located here

Maine EMS Protocols

The MDPB reviews and updates the Maine statewide pre-hospital EMS protocols on a two-year cycle.  More information on current protocols and resources can be found on the Protocols webpage

How can you provide input to future protocols?

Clinical Bulletin - EMS Stakeholder Input for Protocol Changes and New Protocols (PDF) (2/14/22)

If you are interested in suggesting a future protocol change, please use the Protocol Development Stakeholder Input Form (PDF) (2/11/22) - This form is for any stakeholder to submit ideas and suggestions for updates, alterations, or new Maine EMS protocols.

Other Resources

Clinical & Operational Bulletins

Protocol references, resources, and archive 

EMS Medical Director Guidebook (PDF) (5/16)

Approved Alternate Equipment List (PDF) (7/25/22)

All Medical Direction & Practices Board (MDPB) White Papers

Archived Protocols - Reference only, not for clinical use