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Current Maine EMS Statewide Protocols (Dec 1, 2021) are located here

2023 Protocols

The MDPB has begun the process of reviewing and updating the Maine EMS protocols, with an anticipated revision date of December 2023.  More information on dates, authors, and opportunities for input will be listed here.

How can you provide input?

In addition to the monthly MDPB meetings (3rd Wednesday of each month at 0930), the MDPB will host a Stakeholder Input Forum and welcome questions and ideas.  These forums will be held online on the 2nd Thursday every other month at 12 noon.  Zoom access can be found on the Maine EMS website home page.  The scheduled dates are

  • March 10 Watch the recorded video (Youtube)
  • May 12
  • July 14
  • September 8
  • December 8 (rescheduled from November 10)
  • January 12, 2023 
  • March 9, 2023
  • May 11, 2023

Clinical Bulletin - EMS Stakeholder Input for Protocol Changes and New Protocols (PDF) (2/14/22)

Protocol Development Stakeholder Input Form (PDF) (2/11/22) - This form is for any stakeholder to submit ideas and suggestions for updates, alterations, or new Maine EMS protocols.

Protocol Authors and Order of Review

Dr. Beth Collamore is the Project Manager

Protocol Section Authors Order of Review Anticipated for
Gold - Medical Drs. Tim Pieh, Kelly Meehan-Coussee, & Dave Saquet 1 March 2022
Orange - Behavioral Health Drs. Dave Saquet, Benjy Lowry, & Mike Bohanske 2  
Yellow - Environmental/Toxicology Drs. Kelly Meehan-Coussee, Tim Pieh, & Kate Zimmerman 3  
Green - Trauma Drs. Mike Bohanske, Seth Ritter, & Kelly Meehan-Coussee 4  
Blue - Respiratory Drs. Mike Bohanske & Tim Pieh 5  
Red - Cardiac Drs. Dave Saquet & Seth Ritter 6  
Pink - Pediatric Drs. Dave Saquet & Rachel Williams 7  
Brown / Purple / Grey / Black / Forward / Definitions / Operations Drs. Pete Tilney & Beth Collamore 8  
PIFT Drs. Pete Tilney & Matthew Sholl Ongoing  
Annex - K9 / CWMD / Emergency Preparedness / Disaster Management Drs. Kate Zimmerman & Matthew Sholl Ongoing  
Pharmacy Formulary Bethany Nash, PharmD Ongoing  

Other Resources

Clinical & Operational Bulletins

Emergency Shortage Protocols

EMS Medical Director Guidebook (PDF)

Maine EMS Protocol Formulary (Excel) (4/20/2022)

  • If you wish to print this Excel file out, we recommend that within Excel, after choosing print, you select "Narrow margins" and change "Scaling" to "Fit all columns on one page".  This will result in a 5 page document (otherwise printing may result in many pages and poor results).

Maine EMS Protocol Formulary (PDF) (4/20/2022)

  • This is the same document as above but in PDF format and prints as a 5 page document but is smaller font.

Approved Alternate Equipment List (PDF) (7/25/22)

Medical Direction & Practices Board (MDPB) White Papers

Archived Protocols - Reference only, not for clinical use