Notice to Firearms Dealers

Title 25 M.R.S. § 2012 imposes requirements on firearms dealers selling firearms at retail in the State of Maine. Section 2012 provides as follows:

§2012. Sale of firearms to include safety brochure

1. Definitions. As used in this section, unless the context otherwise indicates, the following terms have the following meanings.

A. "Basic firearm safety brochure" means a brochure, produced by a national, nonprofit membership organization that provides a comprehensive voluntary safety program including the training of people in the safe handling and use of firearms or by any other organization that contains the following information relating to firearms:

(1) Rules for safe handling, storage and use of firearms;
(2) Nomenclature and descriptions of various types of firearms;
(3) Responsibilities of firearm ownership; and
(4) The following information developed by the Department of Public Safety:
(a) A list of locations where handguns are prohibited; and
(b) Information concerning the use of handguns for self-defense.

B. "Firearm" has the same meaning as in Title 17-A, section 2, subsection 12-A.

C. "Firearm dealer" means a person who is licensed as a dealer under 18 United States Code, Section 923, or who is required to be licensed as a dealer under that section.

2. Requirement. A firearm dealer must:

A. Include a basic firearm safety brochure with every firearm sold at retail in this State, except that the brochure need not be supplied by the firearm dealer if the firearm manufacturer provides a basic firearm safety brochure with the firearm. The dealer may collect a charge for the brochure, which may not be greater than the dealer's cost to obtain the brochure;

B. Offer to demonstrate to the purchaser the use of a trigger locking device; and

C. Post in a conspicuous place information relating to the availability of known local voluntary firearm safety programs.

3. No liability. Organizations that produce basic firearm safety brochures for distribution to firearm dealers for subsequent distribution to purchasers of firearms and firearm dealers are not liable for injuries resulting from the accidental discharge of nondefective firearms purchased from any dealer.
Links to firearms safety brochures that provide the information required by § 2012(1)(A)(1)-(3) are below:

IMPORTANT NOTE: In addition to the information directly above, the brochure must include information developed by the Department of Public Safety regarding a) locations where handguns are prohibited; and b) information concerning the use of handguns for self defense. 25 M.R.S. § 2012 (1)(A)(4). The following information has been compiled by the Department of Public Safety to meet those requirements, and must be included as part of any Basic firearms safety brochure provided to satisfy the statute:

Locations where handguns are prohibited

It is illegal to possess a firearm in the following places, with some very limited exceptions:

Courthouses (17-A M.R.S. § 1058)
State Parks (12 M.R.S. § 1803(6), (7) and Bureau of Parks and Lands Rules Chapter 1)
Acadia National Park (12 M.R.S. § 756)
Schools (20-A M.R.S. § 6552)
Federal buildings (18 U.S.C. § 930)
State Capitol area (25 M.R.S. § 2904 & DPS Rule Chapter 41)
Private property when prohibited by the property owner
Establishments licensed for on-premises consumption of liquor, if the premises are posted. Note that even if there is no posted prohibition, it is illegal to carry on these premises while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs. (17-A M.R.S. §1057)
Wildlife Sanctuaries (as listed in 12 M.R.S. § 12707)
Labor disputes and strikes (32 M.R.S. § 9412(5))
Baxter State Park (as prohibited by Rules)
Allagash Wilderness Waterway (as prohibited by rules)

There are some circumstances in which an optional handgun permit will authorize the permittee to carry in certain locations or during an activity when an unpermitted person could not:

Acadia National Park (Maine Permit required; 12 M.R.S. §756)
State Parks (Permit required; open carry not permitted; 12 M.R.S. § 1803(7))
Regular archery hunting-deer only (Permit required; 12 MRS § 11403)
Employees’ vehicles on work premises (Permit required; vehicle must be locked and firearm must not be visible; 26 M.R.S. §600)

Information concerning the use of handguns for self-defense

Information concerning the use of handguns for Self-defense

This office is not authorized to provide legal advice. The possession, use and sale of firearms and ammunition is governed by both Maine and U.S. law. You may wish to contact a qualified private attorney if you have questions about your obligations as a firearms dealer or about possessing or using firearms and ammunition.