Pests in Schools

Maine schools are required to adopt integrated pest management policies to protect students and staff while promoting academic success.

Resources for the School Nurse on the Maine Integrated Pest Management


Bedbugs and Schools: EPA                                               Bedbugs and Schools: Maine


Mosquitoes Fact Sheet for Nurses                                   Curriculum and resources from Maine CDC

Pediculosis (Head Lice)

Headlice Guidance                                                             National Association of School Nurses Head Lice Resources


Rodent Fact Sheet for School Nurses


Ticks Fact Sheet for Nurses                                                 Landscape Checklist

Sample Parent Notification of Tick Bite                                 Tick Take Home Facts

Curriculum and resources from Maine CDC

Brown Tail Moth

Brown Tail Moth Notice to Schools 2.2021 

Close Up Brown Tail Moth Web

Rash caused by Brown Tail Moth

Maine Forest Service BTM 

Maine CDC  BTM Fact sheet  

Maine Forest Service BTM Frequently Asked Questions