Overarching Ideas

Overarching Ideas: Connecting big ideas within and across content areas.

Overarching statements/ideas are the big ideas from the content areas. These are the understandings we want students to carry with them as they progress from kindergarten through high school and beyond. These statements were developed using state and national resources and are aligned to our Maine Learning Results.

Overarching statements/ideas can help to make connections within and across content areas, supporting student learning, engagement, and transfer of knowledge and skills. Identifying which overarching statements/ideas exist in our units of study helps to support student learning and make connections within and across content areas more explicit.

These overaching statements/ideas also provides an opportunity to identify the concepts within our units of study.

To learn more about identifying overarching statements/ideas within your existing units of study, view the video below, follow the prompts and access the provided resources.