MEDMS Data Systems Support


  • ACTIVE CYBER PHISHING CAMPAIGNS - Various cyber criminal groups are targeting US K-12 Education organizations with phishing emails. Stay vigilant and NEVER click links in emails or download attachments without verifying the legitimacy first.

    • If you do click a link or download an attachment that seems suspicious, disconnect from the internet/turn off WiFi, leave the computer turned on, & contact your local IT Admin straight away.

    • Please call us if you suspect an email is phishing, and we are always happy to confirm things with you!  

  • One-on-one State Reporting System Training Registration is now available with AlLee Cookson

Current Issues


    • None


  • Transportation:
    • The EFT-20 and EFT-24 reports are currently not working due to several ongoing issues. We ask that you please NOT try to work on these reports until you are notified to do so. If you have questions about this, please contact Cheryl Brackett at 207-446-3019.


  • No issues at this time

Data Systems

Data Systems Logins

NEO Login Synergy Login MEIS Login 

Data systems require accounts to access. Accounts can be requested via the below access form.

Data Systems Access

Access Request Form

The access request form is used to grant, or update, access to our three data systems (linked above). In order to be granted access the requestor must ensure their district has entered them into NEO Staff. 

Data Systems Training

State Reporting System Training Registration

Data systems training can be initiated for new employees, or anyone who would like a refresher on our systems. This training is one on one with our Education Data Quality Trainer, AlLee Cookson.