Computer Science

Definition of Computer Science

Computer Science is defined by the Department of Education Office of Innovation and Improvement as "where students are able to engage in hands-on, real-world interaction with key math, science, and engineering principles. In addition to coding, it gives students opportunities to be producers in the digital economy, not just consumers of the technology around them.  Computer science also can help foster 'computational thinking' skills and practices that are relevant to problem-solving across many disciplines and careers, skills such as breaking a large problem into a number of smaller ones, recognizing how problems relate to ones that already have been solved, setting aside details of a problem that are less important, and identifying and refining the steps needed to reach a solution."

Computer Science is NOT using a computer for everyday activities-- such as browsing the internet; use of tools like word processing, spreadsheets or presentation software; or using computers in the study and exploration of unrelated subjects.

US Department of Education definition used on its annual Civil Rights Survey


Emma-Marie Banks

Secondary Digital Learning & Computer Science Specialist