Technology and Learning

The purposeful and intentional use of technology can support student learning across the curriculum and beyond. Equitable access to the technology and skill development needed to create and problem-solve with it are critical as we work to ensure students are prepared for the 21st Century. The Department supports both the acquisition of technology and the professional learning related to its use for effective teaching and learning. Since 2002, the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI) has provided educational technology infrastructure and personal devices for students and teachers. Additionally, the Department offers professional learning opportunities and resources to help educators plan for effective use of technology and strengthen their teaching practice. These supports will help students and educators engage in learning that readies them to participate in and contribute to increasingly complex and technology-infused world.



Beth Lambert
Coordinator of Secondary Education and Integrated Instruction


Brandi Cota
Office Specialist



Amanda Nguyen
Digital Learning Specialist


Stephanie Pinkham
Management Analyst