Technology and Learning Team

Beth Lambert- Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning

Beth Lambert is the Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning. In addition to leading several new initiatives in the Office of Innovation such as MOOSE and EnGiNE, Beth is the team leader for the Learning Through Technology team. In this role she provides policy and operational leadership and ensures alignment between the Commissioner’s strategic priorities and the projects of the LTT team.

You can contact Beth about:

  • Technology and Learning Policy Questions
  • MLTI Program
  • Learning Through Technology Team Finance and Management
  • ConnectKidsNow!
  • Computer Science

Brandi Cota- MLTI Project Manager

Brandi Cota is the Project Manager for the Maine Learning Through Technology Initiative. In this role, Brandi supports schools and works with program partners to ensure the needs of schools are met and align with program priorities. Brandi is also the State of Maine Military Family Education Liaison for the Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission.

You can contact Brandi about:

  • ConnectKidsNow!- Cellular tablet and hotspot set up, service provider information, Knox support.
  • ECF Funding- Support and resources for Emergency Connectivity Funding applications. 
  • Military Education Liaison- Support for military connected students.  
  • LMS Sub Grant Awards-Support on the application approval and award funding for LMS. 
  • SketchUp Pro Licenses- Reach out for license available to public K-12 Maine schools. 
  • MLTI 2.0 Program Support- Device information, vendor contacts, program procedures, overall program questions. 
  • MLTI 2.0 Device allocation- 2021 student enrollment allocations, and teacher device allocation questions.

Emma-Marie Banks- Computer Science and Secondary Digital Learning Specialist

Emma-Marie Banks is the Computer Science Specialist and Secondary Digital Learning Specialist. As the Secondary Digital Learning Specialist, she supports technology integration, instructional design, and general digital learning at the secondary level (6-12). As the Computer Science Specialist, Emma facilitates the implementation of the computer science state plan and supports the integration and development of computer science education in schools (PK-12).

You can contact Emma about:

  • Computer Science
  • Secondary Level Technology & Learning
  • Professional Learning
  • MLTI 2.0 Professional Learning
  • Technology Plans 
  • Technology successes, challenges, concerns

Jon Graham- Elementary Digital Learning Specialist

Jon Graham is the Elementary Digital Learning Specialist on the Learning Through Technology team. He works with educators at the elementary level (PreK-5) and focuses on their parts and perspectives within projects. Jon is an Ex-Officio board member of the Maine Association of School Libraries (MASL), an ACTEM Conference Committee member and often works with Computer Science Teacher Association of Maine (CSTA Maine).

You can contact Jon about:

  • MLTI 2.0 Professional Learning
  • MLTI Student Conference - Interest in Presenting
  • Professional Learning for elementary level (PreK-5) - Requesting professional learning, seeking support
  • Technical assistance MOOSE (PreK-5) - Challenges with accessing content or materials
  • Public school libraries and librarians - Professional support and challenges
  • Computer Science, coding and robotics (PreK-5) - Sharing successes, seeking support
  • Educational technology and software - Vetting processes, integration support
  • Presenting at educational conferences in Maine - Requesting presenters (LTT or MLTI), seeking out topic expertise
  • Technology successes, challenges or concerns (PreK-5)

Jordan Dean- Management Analyst

Jordan Dean is the Management Analyst for the Learning Through Technology Team. In this role she provides support to schools regarding the MLTI billing process. She assists with managing finances for the program. Jordan also helps manage the contracts and procurement processes for the LTT team.

You can contact Jordan about:

  • MLTI 2.0 Invoicing/reimbursement- Invoicing and payment questions
  • MLTI Grant information/reimbursement- Questions about past MLTI grants
  • MLTI Student Conference-Registration and other conference questions
  • LMS Grant Reimbursement- Invoicing and payment questions