Contacts - Technology and Learning

Maine Department of Education


Beth Lambert
Coordinator of Secondary Education and Integrated Instruction

You can contact Beth about:

  • MLTI Program and Policy Questions
  • MLTI Grants
  • Learning Through Technology Team Finance and Management

Secondary Digital Learning & Computer Science Specialist

For information about:

  • Professional Learning at the secondary level (related to teaching and learning with technology)
  • Technology Plan Development at the secondary level
  • Computer science education
  • Technology Educator Leadership


Brandi Cota
Management Analyst

You can contact Brandi about:

  • MLTI Billing
  • Student Conference Registration
  • General Administrative Matters 
  • MLTI Grant Invoicing
  • MLTI Device Requests or Device Returns
  • MLTI Device Replacements    (Buffers and Paid)
  • Repair Depot-related inquiries
  • Technology & Learning Website

Jonathan Graham
Elementary Digital Learning Specialist

You can contact Jon about:

  • Professional Learning for elementary level (related to teaching and learning with technology)
  • Technology Plans and Implementation at the elementary level
  • Technology successes, challenges, concerns specifically at the elementary level


For general questions, email 

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Apple Contacts


Apple Help Desk

Please call the Apple Help Desk at:
1-800-919-2775 code: 4MLTI (46584)

Apple Help Desk via chat


Apple Team Contacts

Douglas Snow - Senior Program Manager
Bret King - Project Manager
Michelle Lilienthal - Project Support Specialist
Jonathan Carr - Project Engineer
Wayne Treadwell - Project Engineer
Alicia Young - Applecare Strategic Account Manager

Apple Sales Contacts

Tara Maker
K12 Account Executive
Phone: 207-318-1070

Jerry Mortensen
Inside Account Executive, Education Sales
Phone: 800.800.2775 x46877

Ryan Wiggins
K-12 Development Executive
(980) 214-1583

Trey Bachner
K12 Sales Engineer
(207) 688-4501

Apple Professional Learning Specialists

HP Contacts


HP Help Desk

HP Team Contact

Erika Winchenbach
HP-MLTI Project Manager 
Mobile: 207-790-0157

Gregg Smith 
Mobile: 708-417-8254
Office: 404-774-5883

HP Sales Contact

Jasmine Tullis
NE Public Sector Account Exec
Phone: 603-440-3520