Collection & Reporting

Data Collection Types

Student Data

This data is submitted from all public schools and many private schools. Local schools maintain their data in local Student Information Systems and then upload it to the Maine DOE's Student Information System called Synergy. This data is then moved to an Operational Data Store called NEO where all reporting is done from this data.

Staff Data

This data is entered by district and school staff throughout the year into the NEO Staff Module. A snapshot of this data is taken and certified by superintendents in mid-November but the data should be updated throughout the year as changes occur.

Staff Certification and Credentialing Data

This data is held in the Maine DOE's application called Maine Educator Information System (MEIS). More information can be obtained on the department's Certification and Credentialing page.

Maine DOE Data Reporting Systems

The data systems listed below are a partial listing of data systems used at the Maine DOE.  The Maine DOE Data Systems Access Policy must be followed to obtain appropriate access.  

NEO Data Reporting System

This is an Operational Data Store (ODS) that contains numerous data sets submitted by schools and districts. The different modules in NEO are:

  • Bomb Threat Reporting - Superintendents report all bomb threats
  • Bullying Response System - all substantiated incidents of bullying are reported here
  • Facilities - information on school buildings
  • Financial - portal page to the DOE Financial System
  • Graduation & Dropout Data - graduation and dropout reporting
  • Maine Educational Assessment - where special considerations are requested for students taking assessments.
  • Maine Schools - where the infrastructure and demographic data is entered for all schools in Maine
  • Nutrition - information entered on the school nutrition system
  • Restraint & Seclusion - all incidents where students are restrained or secluded
  • Special Education - all special education data on students
  • Staff - all staff both employed by the district and contracted by the district are reported
  • Student Data - reporting area where schools and districts validate and/or certify student data
  • Transportation - all transportation and bus-related data

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Synergy Student Information System

This system collects all student-related data from every public school and private school that have publicly-funded students

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MEIS Staff Certification System

This system contains all staff certifications and credentials

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