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Request GED Transcripts/Diplomas

Students and Programs in Maine can request GED and HiSET transcripts or diplomas using the DiplomaSender Website. DiplomaSender provides a single-source, internet-based service to accurately manage all high school equivalency testing and diploma data in an environment that is secure and accessible. Click this DiplomaSender Link to go to their website.


  • Public Reports- Here is a link to the Public Reports Dashboard.
  • Secure Reports-Here is a link to the login page for Secure Reports. Below is a list of some of the modules for reporting student data and the reports that can be found under secure reports.

Secure Reporting Modules and Reports

  • Enrollment Reporting: Out of District Placement Report, Attending Student Download Report, October EPS Student Count, CTE October Student Count, Student Attendance Certification, Student Truancy Report, Student Behavior Report, Student Behavior Certification, Student Truancy Certification
  • Special Services Reporting: Special Education Child Count EF S Part 1-Detail, Special Education Exit Report

  • Assessment Reporting: Alternative Assessment Report, ACCESS for ELLs, eMPowerME, SAT Report, MEA Science 3rd Year HighSchool Report, MEA Science- Grades 5th and 8th Report, Accountability Detail Report, Accountability Certification Report
  • Mainecare Reporting: MaineCare Seed Report

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Civil Rights Data Collection

  • Wide-ranging access and equity data were collected from schools across the country.
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Civil Rights Data Collection

Oct. 2018 Maine Civil Rights Data