Striped Skunk

Mephitis mephitis


Found throughout Maine in suburban areas, open woodlands, and agricultural fields.

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These omnivores use their pointed heads to root around under logs and debris for insects, berries, fruit, birds’ eggs, nuts, corn, and more.

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Distinctive Characteristics

Black fur with typically two bold white stripes down its back and tail to serve as a warning not to disturb. When disturbed, they spray a sulfur-alcohol compound secreted by the anal glands in a mist or droplet stream.

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Most active at night.

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Reproduction & Family Structure

A litter of four to six kits is born in the summer, and by six weeks old will leave the den and follow mom around.

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Living with Wildlife

How to Prevent or Resolve Conflicts with Skunks

Always start with the standard steps to avoiding conflicts and make sure you have eliminated access to food, shelter, and water.

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