Embden (Ela) State Fish Rearing Station

Embden Hatchery

About the facility

The Emden State Fish Rearing Station was established in 1957 and rebuilt in 2005.

The facility features a "round tank" fish culture pavilion that contains 30 stainless steel tanks that are 20 feet in diameter and average just under 3 feet in depth. The station features two supply pipelines, ultraviolet light disinfection of influent water and, microscreen filtration to improve effluent water quality. 

Water for the facility is gravity fed from Embden Pond through dual intakes, which allows for temperature control.

Species reared at the Emden facility include brook trout and landlocked salmon.

The facility's annual production is 260,000 catchable fish (>95,000 lbs)

Fun Facts

  • The facility is also known as the Ela Fish Rearing Station because it is located on what was once the Ela family property.
  • It is referred to as a "Rearing Station" because it is solely a catchable fish production station. There is no "hatchery" on site to incubate or hatch eggs. Advanced fry or fingerlings are transferred here from other hatcheries.
  • Since modernization into the largest State fish culture facility, it produces roughly 25% of the total pounds of fish annually stocked statewide.