Eastern Gray Squirrel

Sciurus carolinensis


Found in central and southern Maine’s hardwood forests, primarily around mast (nut)-producing trees, with a preference for larger trees with cavities, such as oak.

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This herbivore eats berries and nuts, including acorns, beech, hickory, and walnuts. In the winter, they search for stashed food in scattered locations by smell, even through several inches of snow.

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Distinctive Characteristics

With a long, bushy tail, they are typically light gray above with a white belly, but can be all black (melanistic).

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Mostly diurnal, they are more active during the day.

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Living with Wildlife

How to Prevent or Resolve Conflicts with Squirrels

While many people enjoy the presence of squirrels and the opportunity to observe their behavior, they can become an issue if they take residence inside your home’s attic or other locations. And are known to enjoy feeders intended for birds.

Learn more about how to prevent or resolve conflicts with squirrels

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