Fisheries Biologists Encourage Anglers to Harvest their Catch

If you have ever been fishing, either open water or ice fishing, it is likely you have heard someone say, “let them go and watch them grow.” While this catch and release message was important several decades ago when we saw more fishing pressure and higher harvest rates by anglers (and may still help some fisheries), other present day fisheries (and in Maine’s case, many fisheries) rely on harvest by anglers to maintain healthy fish populations and to achieve size quality management goals.


What are Maine’s fisheries biologists doing on the ice?

When you see the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife patch on the ice, it isn’t always a Maine Game Warden. Fisheries biologists spend the winter collecting important fisheries data by conducting winter creel surveys on the ice.

New 2021 Fishing Regulations for Moosehead Lake

We will be operating under new regulations when the ice fishing season opens on January 1st, 2021 on Moosehead Lake. Recently, the brook trout population in Maine’s largest lake has seen significant improvement with many fish in the three to six-pound range caught both summer and winter.  It’s truly been an incredible few years.  I don’t think anyone can remember a time when we have seen this many quality/trophy wild brook trout come from one lake in Maine.

fisheries biologist measuring a salmon

Surveying Spawning Fish Across Maine

MDIFW Fisheries Resource Biologist Nick Kalejs driving to the trapnet location.

A New Fishing Tool: FLOAT

I’m sure many of you have hit the road at the crack of dawn to start a fishing trip and realized you didn’t have your fishing lawbook. Did you go out of your way to stop by a gas station or town office hoping they’d be open and have a copy? Or turn around to head home and waste even more of your precious fishing time? To me, neither of those options are ideal, and I’d rather not worry about remembering the lawbook along with my fishing gear, life jackets, snacks, sunscreen, bug spray…the list seems endless. I guess I could put a copy in my boat that never leaves the boat and remains in pristine condition? Yeah right!

No More Sweat, Blood, and Tears – Youth Fishing Can Actually be Simple, Convenient and Comfortable

By Fisheries Biologist Wes Ashe

In early May, I decided it was time to take my toddler son on a remote fishing trip. Greyson was a relatively proficient caster, earthworms no longer freaked him out, and he was big for his age. I was certain he was ready for the Maine outdoors. Plus, I already had my kayak stashed alongside a Heritage brook trout pond that only required a milelong roundtrip hike. What could possibly go wrong?

Should Anglers Catch and Release or Harvest Their Catch?

By Fisheries Resource Biologist Liz Thorndike

New state record lake trout caught on Richardson Lake

Last week, one lucky angler caught the fish of a lifetime when he landed a 44”, 39.2 pound lake trout. That angler, Erik Poland of Andover, caught the fish on Thursday, July 2 while fishing on Richardson Lake.

Make the Most of Your Staycation, Hire a Registered Maine Guide

This summer is a great opportunity to explore all Maine has to offer and try something new. But sometimes it can be intimidating to go to an area you aren’t familiar with or learn something you have never done.

Fish Recipes from MDIFW Staff

By Fisheries Management Section Supervisor Joe Overlock, Director of Fisheries & Hatcheries Francis Brautigam, Wildlife Biologist Kendall Marden, and Holly Tremblay

After a day of fishing it is hard to beat going back to your house or camp and cooking your legal catch!