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Current Maine EMS Statewide Protocols (Dec 1, 2021) are located here

2023 Protocols

The MDPB has spent the past two years reviewing and updating the Maine EMS protocols, with an implementation date of January 31, 2024.  On this date, the previous statewide Maine EMS protocols (December 1, 2021) will sunset and no longer be used.  Clinicians must complete a protocol update.  More information can be found on the Protocols webpage

How can you provide input to future protocols?

Clinical Bulletin - EMS Stakeholder Input for Protocol Changes and New Protocols (PDF) (2/14/22)

If you are interested in suggesting a future protocol change, please use the Protocol Development Stakeholder Input Form (PDF) (2/11/22) - This form is for any stakeholder to submit ideas and suggestions for updates, alterations, or new Maine EMS protocols.

Other Resources

Clinical & Operational Bulletins

Protocol references, resources, and archive 

EMS Medical Director Guidebook (PDF) (5/16)

Approved Alternate Equipment List (PDF) (7/25/22)

All Medical Direction & Practices Board (MDPB) White Papers

Archived Protocols - Reference only, not for clinical use