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Sidney Fatal
Trooper Eric Sucy investigating today’s fatal crash in Sidney

Maine State Police say a woman was killed this morning when her pickup truck overturned off the Middle Road in Sidney.  Trooper Eric Sucy said Elizabeth Simmons,38, of Sidney, Simmons was not wearing her seat belt when the truck overturned off the Middle Road.   Troopers said the truck was speeding and the woman was not wearing her seat belt.  The truck went off the road on a slight curve and came to rest on its roof at the intersection of the Reynolds Hill Road. The woman, the truck’s only occupant , was killed instantly.  The crash was reported about 8:15 a.m.  The crash was less than two miles from the Augusta city line.

(Updated to include name and photo)

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New York man facing felony drug trafficking charges

Anthony McLean, 33, of the Bronx, NY

WEST GARDINER, Maine –  A New York man is facing felony charges after police locate drugs on him.

On July 24, 2019, at approximately 7:30 p.m., a Troop D Trooper stopped a vehicle traveling East on Route 126 in West Gardiner for a vehicle defect. Criminal indicators were observed during the roadside investigation. K9 Tess was called to the scene to conduct a sniff. K9 Tess alerted to the presence of narcotics on a passenger, who was identified as Anthony McLean, 33, of the Bronx, NY.

A search warrant was executed at Maine General Medical Center and approximately 7 grams of Heroin and 1 gram of Crack Cocaine was retrieved from McLean. 

McLean was arrested and transported to Kennebec County Jail in Augusta and charged with: Aggravated Trafficking Schedule Drug with priors, (Class A) and Unlawful Possession of Schedule Drug, (Class C) bail was set at $15,000. 

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Troop D Weekly Report for March 25 to March 31

On 3/25/19 Cpl. Pelletier stopped a vehicle on Rt. 1 in West Bath for a speeding violation. Kent Little (23) was a passenger in the vehicle, and he had an active arrest warrant for unpaid fines. He was arrested and transported to Topsham PD where he posted bail. Trs. Bureau and Willard assisted. 

On 3/25/19 Tr. Harrington arrested Dakota D’Orio (23) on I295 in West Gardiner on a failure to appear warrant. D’Orio was transported to Kennebec County Jail.

On 3/28/19 Cpl. Pelletier arrested Christopher Pinkham (45) at Mid-Coast Hospital in Brunswick following his discharge. Pinkham had 4 outstanding Theft related felony warrants out of Kennebec CTY dated from October of 2018.  

On 3/28/19 Sgt Madore stopped Sarah Pett (21) of Massachusetts on I295sb in Gardiner and charged her with criminal speed.

On 3/28/19 Sgt Madore stopped David Bradford (50) of Waterville and charged him operating an unregistered motor vehicle expired greater than 150 days.

On 3/28/19 Cpl. Robinson stopped a vehicle on the East Thorndike Road in Thorndike for a seatbelt violation.  The operator of the vehicle, David Carlow of Unity, had several warrants for his arrest.  David was arrested on the warrants and brought to the Waldo County Jail. 

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Troop D Weekly Report 3/26/2019

Troop D weekly activities for time March 18th to March 24th 2019

On 3/19/19 Tr. Bureau stopped Joshua St. Clair (29) for speeding 82 mph in a 55-mph speed zone on Rt. 3 in Montville. Further investigation revealed St. Clair did not inform Law Enforcement of a concealed handgun in the vehicle. St. Clair was summonsed for the civil violation and speed offense. 

On 3/19/19 Cpl. Pelletier stopped to check on a disabled vehicle on I-295 in Bowdoinham and found that the owner/operator; Lucas Smithner (36), had a suspended license for FT pay fines. He was summonsed for the infraction. 

On 3/19/19 at 1345 hours, Tr. Lauren Roddy stopped Galen Belden (30), of Liberty, for speeding 101 MPH in a 55 MPH zone on Rt 202 in Vassalboro. Belden was charged with Criminal speed. 

On 3/20/19 at 1000 hours, Tr. Lauren Roddy responded to the Belfast Probation and Parole Office to attempt to locate a wanted subject who was scheduled to be at a probation meeting that day. Tr. Roddy located Christopher Riley (38) of Morrill and placed him under arrest for three active warrants for his arrest. Two warrants were Failure to Appear- Contempt hearing, both $1200 bail. The other outstanding warrant was for Failure to Pay Fines for a pervious OUI charge. Riley was transported to Waldo County Jail in Belfast for processing. 

On 3/20/19 Sgt. Madore, and Troopers Willard, Harrington, and Bureau responded to 1524 Route 3 Palermo for a reported assault.  An argument occurred regarding a text message which led to Aaron Glidden (34) and Brian Henke (36) assaulting each other.  Neither party wanted to press charges and no physical injuries were present.  A DHHS referral was made and Troopers cleared the scene without further incident.

On 3/21/19 Sgt Madore responded to an aid to motorist complaint on I295 in Topsham. The driver, Michael Dodge (46) of Canaan was charged with Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle and Attaching False Registration Plates.

On 3/21/19 Tr. Bureau stopped Rachel Clark (31) on Lakeview Drive in China. Clark’s vehicle was being operated on Rt. 3 in China. Clark was the registered owner and had a suspended license. Clark was cited for the civil infraction for OAS FT PAY FINE. 

On 3/21/19 Tr. Dunn stopped George Palmer (32) of Chelsea for speeding 72 in a posted 30 mph zone on the Hankerson Rd. in Chelsea. Palmer was issued a USAC for criminal speed.

On 3/21/19 Cpl. Robinson responded to an unattended death in the town of China.  An elderly male had heart problems and there was nothing suspicious about the death.

On 3/21/19 Tr. Willard stopped ME PC 9239XE on Route 1 in Lincolnville for a speed infraction.  The passenger, Alan Alton (42) was arrested on $1,000 warrant for FTA.

On 3/21/19 Trooper Peckham stopped Jevaughn Travers (22) of New Jersey for speeding 108MPH in a posted 70MPH zone on I-295 in Gardiner during an aircraft detail. Travers’ New Jersey driver’s license was suspended at the time of the stop. Travers was charged with both criminal speed, OAS & the vehicle was released to a licensed passenger.

On 3/21/19 Tr. Dunn stopped George Palmer (32) of Chelsea for speeding 72 in a posted 30 mph zone on the Hankerson Rd. in Chelsea. Palmer was issued a USAC for criminal speed.

On 3/22/19 Tr. Gleeson, Tr. Moore and Sgt Fowlie responded to a residence in Randolph for an unattended death. A man was found deceased from medical issues. 

On 3/23/19 at 2355 hours, Tr. Lauren Roddy stopped a white Kia Sorento for a headlight out on Thompson Ridge Rd in Searsmont. The vehicle’s registration was also suspended for the title. The operator of the vehicle, Caitlin McFadden (24) of Belfast, had a suspended driver’s license. The passenger in the vehicle and owner of the vehicle, Morgan Mansfield (26), of Belmont, was intoxicated. Tr. Jeffrey Parks assisted on scene. McFadden was charged with Operating After Suspension and Operating with Suspended Registration. Mansfield was charged with Permitting Unlawful Use. After charging both individuals and both willingly signing the summonses, Mansfield refused to get out of the vehicle which was being towed. Tr. Parks and Tr. Roddy had to physically remove Mansfield from the vehicle. She was charged with Obstructing Government Administration and Refusing to Submit to Arrest or Detention. Tr. Parks transported Mansfield to Waldo County Jail in Belfast for processing. 

On 3/24/19 Tr. Lauren Roddy arrested Zachary Abram (25), of Randolph, for Violating Conditions of Release, Violation of a Protective Order, False Public Report, and Resisting Arrest or detention.  He told Troopers his ex-girlfriend was messaging him stating she was being held against her will and forced to use drugs. Upon further investigation, Tr. Roddy discovered Zachary had bail conditions to not have contact with his ex-girlfriend, and had a protection order against him for the same individual. When Tr. Roddy arrived to speak with Zachary, she noticed he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, which was also in violation of his bail conditions. After placing him in handcuffs, Zachary started resisting and refused to get into the cruiser willingly. Tr. Tyler Plourde assisted with the arrest. Zachary was transported to Kennebec County Jail. 

On 3/24/19 Trooper Peckham stopped Naomi Leach (35) of West Gardiner on Route 126 in West Gardiner for an inspection violation. Naomi’s vehicle registration was suspended at the time of the stop. The vehicle was towed and Naomi was charged accordingly. 

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