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Troop E Weekly Report

On July 6, 2021, Tr. Gould and K9 Keet responded to Hampden for a free air sniff on a vehicle stopped by Hampden PD.  Keet provided a positive alert on an open driver window.  A hand search of the vehicle was conducted, and nothing was found.  Keet was deployed for an interior sniff and gave a positive alert on the underside of the driver seat.  The vehicle was searched again, and 2 grams of Methamphetamine was located hidden in the seat.  Keith Chase (64) of Stockton Springs was summonsed for Violation of Conditions of Release (VCR) and Possession of Scheduled Drugs. 

On July 10, 2021, Members of section one, Tr. Peterson and PCSO Deputies executed a search warrant in Carmel.  Information was received that Michael Drake (30) was staying as this residence with his girlfriend.  Drake had two active warrants and had been on the run for a year. Tr. Foley completed a search warrant of the property looking for Drake.  Drake was located in a connex trailer on the property by the K9 team.  Tr. Bean removed Drake from the trailer, where he was arrested and taken to PCJ.

On July 6, 2021, Tr. Gould was traveling southbound on I-95 near Etna and was passed by a vehicle traveling 114 mph in a posted 70 mph zone.  Identified as the operator was 16-year-old juvenile of Newport.  After notifying the juvenile’s father, he was summonsed for Criminal Speed.

On July 6, 2021, Tr. Creamer was called out to a family fight at the Hudson Rd. in Hudson. The caller advised that his girlfriend Cassidy Wintermute had assaulted him.  As a result of the investigation it was f Cassidy was arrested for DV Assault and taken to Penobscot County Jail. Tr. Adam Gould assisted.

On July 7, 2021, Tr. Bragan was on routine patrol when he observed a car pulled over to the side of the road on Route 15. Tr. Bragan conducted a license check on Christopher to learn that he was suspended. Tr. Bragan issued Christopher a criminal summons for operating after suspension. 

On July 8, 2021, Tr. Bragan received a complaint from Cheryl Holcomb who was calling from the hospital. Cheryl was reporting that on July fourth her debit card was stolen and used at multiple locations causing her account to overdraft. As a result of the investigation, Tr. Bragan was able to identify the suspect as Charles Michaud, 52. Tr. Bragan located Charles at his address and interviewed him about the incident. Charles was charged with two counts of felony theft, two counts of misuse of identification and two counts of violation of conditions of release. 

On July 5, 2021, Tr. Olmstead stopped a vehicle operated by Levi Clark, 30 of Old Town, on I-95 in Bangor for speeding. Bangor PD was looking to have Levi summoned for Theft class C. Tr. Olmstead served Levi with a summons on behalf of Bangor PD.

On July 9, 2021 Tr. Olmstead and Tr. Haverly-Johndro responded to the report of a vehicle operating erratically in Newburgh. Tr. Olmstead located the vehicle stopped in the parking lot of Dysart’s in Newburgh. Vehicle was operated by Albert Hubbard, 33 of Brewer. SFST was conducted and Tr. Olmstead arrested Albert for OUI, OAS, and VCR. Tr. Olmstead conducted a Drug Influence Evaluation at the Bangor Police Department where Albert was found to be impaired by CNS Stimulants and Dissociative Anesthetics. Albert was summonsed for the aforementioned offenses.

On July 4, 2021, Tr. Ramp was dispatched to a crash at the intersection of Ridge Rd. and Route 43 in Corinth.  Tr. Ramp arrived on scene and observed that the vehicle had gone off the road striking a camper, another vehicle, as well as the garage at 5 Ridge Rd.  Tr. Ramp spoke with the operator James Gerrish-Baker, 24 of Brownville.  Tr. Ramp learned that Baker was on bail for felony DV charges with conditions not to use or possess alcohol and he also had a suspended driver’s license.  James was transported for a breath test and his BAC was over the legal limit.  Tr. Ramp charged James with OUI, OAS, and Class C VCR.  James was booked at the Penobscot County Jail after being cleared by the hospital.
On July 10, 2021, Tr. Ramp was dispatched to 90 Water St. in Howland for a report that Dakota Leathers was there and high on meth.  Tr. Ramp spoke with the Dakota’s probation officer and she advised she would place a hold on Dakota if he was located.  Tr. Ramp located Dakota at the residence and took him into custody without incident.  Dakota was booked at the jail after being cleared by the hospital

On July 10, 2021, Tr. Plaisted was advised of a civil complaint at 179 Main Street in Corinth.  After being advised, Tr. Plaisted called the complaint; and told him he would need to respond and speak with all parties.  After responding, he spoke with the complainant and his niece; Nicole Wright, 38, of that address and determined that this was a civil issue, which he could not make a ruling on.  Tr. Plaisted advised that the parties needed to proceed to court to settle their case.  During the course of the investigation, it was determined that Nicole held a warrant for failure to appear.  Nicole was then placed under arrest for warrant and transported to PCJ.

Troop D Weekly Report

Troop D weekly activities for time October 19th to October 25th, 2020

On 10/18/2020 Trooper Belanger stopped Mark Ross (37) of Morrill on Rt. 7 in Jackson. Ross was suspended and arrested for OAS.

On 10/19/2020 Cpl. Quintero and Tr. Belanger arrested Ryan Hamilton (43) of Burnham for Unlawful Possession of Schedule W drugs and Operating without a License on Main St. in Unity.  

On 10/21/2020 Tr. Roddy and Tr. Verhille responded to a crash on Route 3 in China. A tractor trailer unit rolled over, taking out a telephone pole and wires and blocking the roadway. No one was injured in the crash. Route 3 was closed for approximately 8 hours while Central Maine Power fixed the lines and the vehicle and load as removed. Department of Environmental Protection assisted on scene as well as China Fire Department.

On 10/21/2020 Tr. Adams stopped Frank Drew (54) of Knox for an expired registration in the town of Unity. Drew’s license was suspended. Drew was issued a criminal summons for OAS. 

On 10/21/2020   Tr. Bureau responded to Freedom for a report of a vehicle stuck in persons vegetable garden.  Tr. Bureau made contact with the operator Corey Palmer (39).  Palmer was unaware how he got there and had been consuming alcohol.  Palmer had a conditional Q license. Tr. Bureau arrested Palmer and transported him the Waldo County Jail.  Palmer was charged with OAS AND OPERATING BEYOND LICENSE RESTRICTION.

On 10/20/20202 Tr Mattson stopped Amy Sowa (35) on Leonard Rd in Thorndike.  Amy’s vehicle was unregistered, and she was summonsed and released for the offense.

On 10/22/2020 Tr. Martin stopped a vehicle on route 9 in Unity for a defect. The operator was a Benjamin Stowe (58) Tr. Martin learned Stowe had a suspended license and summonsed Stowe for the violation. 

On 10/23/2020 Tr. Peckham stopped Forest Hisler (21) of Albion on Route 3 in China after observing a vehicle being operated on the public which had just been force inspected the prior week, known to be criminally defective and a danger to the motoring public. Hisler was summonsed and the vehicle was towed.

On Saturday October 24, 2020, Trooper Anstett responded to the intersection of the China Rd and Abbott Rd in Albion for a motor vehicle crash with injuries.  Investigation revealed that Krista Carey (28) of Augusta was traveling north on Rt. 202 in Albion, attempted to turn left on Abbott road failing to yield to southbound traffic, striking Jillian Porchetta (31) head on.  Krista Carey was cited for failing to yield turning left and summonsed for operating without a license.  

On 10/24/2020 Trooper Belanger, Cpl. Quintero, and Sgt. Couturier stopped Ryan Dingley (36) and Meagan Bean (37) of Thorndike on School St in Unity. Drug paraphernalia was located and seized. Dingley was suspended and charged with OAS, VCR, and use and sale of drug paraphernalia. Bean was charged with Permitting Unlawful Use and Use and Sale of Drug Paraphernalia. 

10/24/2020 Trooper Belanger stopped Adam Jones (35) of Unity on School St in Unity. Jones was operating with an expired registration and charged with operating with an expired reg < 150 days.

On 10/24/2020 Trooper Belanger and Cpl. Quintero stopped William Whitcomb (39) of Monroe and Ross Liberty (27) of Belfast on Rt. 7 in Brooks. Whitcomb was found to be in possession of heroin and charged with possession of schedule W drugs. Liberty was found in possession of Methamphetamines and arrested for possession of schedule W drugs.

Troop D Weekly Report

Troop D weekly activities for time October 12th to October 18th, 2020

On 10/14/2020 Tr. Belanger, and Cpl. Quintero stopped Clifford Sousa (45) of Gardiner on Water St in Randolph for speeding. Sousa was on probation and was found to be in possession of suboxone. SOUSA was arrested for possession of schedule W drugs and violating probation.

On 10/14/2020 Tr. Belanger stopped Daniel Wheelock (57) of West Gardiner for an expired inspection sticker on Maine Ave in Farmingdale. Wheelock had a suspended driver’s license and was charged with OAS.

On 10/17/2020 Tr. Belanger Cpl. Quintero, and Sgt. Couturier stopped Bethany Hasson-Meunier (31) of Oakland for an inadequate plate light on 295 mm 51 South. Hasson was found to be in possession of 5 grams of fentanyl, methamphetamines, and drug paraphernalia. Hasson was charged with Unlawful Trafficking in Schedule W Drugs, Unlawful Possession of Schedule W Drugs, and VCR.

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