Northern Field Troop Weekly for Oct. 16 to 24

On 10/16/2022, Troopers responded to an address in Levant for a reported assault.  Troopers arrived on scene and learned that Dennis Mcgrath (70 years old of Levant) was assaulted by Timothy Vanidestine (71 years old of Levant).  Troopers learned that the dispute stemmed from Dennis discharging firearms on his property.  Further investigation revealed that Vanidestine was irritated with the loud shooting and walked over to where McGrath and reportedly assaulted and threatened him.  Troopers contacted the Maine Warden Service as it appeared McGrath was in violation of shooting to close to a dwelling.  Troopers and the Maine Warden Service measured the distance, and it was deemed there was a criminal violation.  Vanidestine was charged with assault and criminal threatening.  McGrath was charged with discharging a firearm to close to a dwelling.

On 10/23/2022, Tr. Haverly-Johndro was assisting Cpl. Dube with a traffic stop in Carmel when he observed a vehicle travel past them with the muffler dragging on the roadway.  Tr. Haverly-Johndro stopped the vehicle and made contact with the operator and passenger.  Further investigation revealed the registration to the vehicle was suspended for a toll violation.  The vehicle came back registered to the passenger, John Clifford (58 YOA of Bangor).  Tr. Haverly-Johndro charged Clifford with operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration.

On Oct. 22, 2022, Tr. Dwelley conducted a stop on a vehicle for several vehicle defects in Prentiss. Through the course of the stop, it was discovered that the driver, Jeffrey Macy 56 YOA of Carroll Plt. was suspended and the plates on the vehicle were falsely attached. Macy also had no insurance on the vehicle and had open containers of alcohol in the center console. Tr. Dwelley summonsed Macy accordingly and the vehicle was towed.

On Oct. 22, 2022, Cpl. Dube conducted a traffic stop on a silver SUV for speed in Etna.  The operator of the vehicle was identified as Quentin Logan, 48 YOA, of Kittery.  The traffic stop revealed that Logan was suspended for Failure to appear.  Logan was issued a summons for OAS.
On Oct. 19, 2022, Tr. Bragan was monitoring southbound traffic on I-95 in Hampden when he observed a vehicle and noted that the operator was not wearing a seatbelt. Tr. Bragan initiated at traffic stop and identified the driver as Michael Handy. Upon further investigation Tr. Bragan learned that Mr. Handy had a revoked status and was a habitual offender with two prior Operating After Revocation (OAR) convictions. Mr. Handy was also on bail. Mr. Handy was placed under arrest for felony OAR and violation of conditions of release. 

On Oct. 20, 2022, Tr. Ramp stopped a vehicle for traveling 96 mph in a 70-mph zone.  Tr. Ramp identified the operator as Kyle Colegrove, 23, of St. Albans.  Tr. Ramp learned that Kyle’s license was suspended.  Tr. Ramp summonsed Kyle for OAS and issued him a VSAC for speeding.         

On Oct. 21, 2022, Tr. Ramp was looking to speak with Cristina Mills, 38 of Etna regarding a crash.  Tr. Ramp was also aware that Cristina had an active warrant for her arrest.  Tr. Ramp located Cristina at her residence in Etna.  Tr. Ramp arrested Cristina on the warrant and transported her to the Penobscot County Jail where she was booked on the warrant.  Tr. Ramp also spoke with Cristina’s probation officer who placed a probation hold on her.    

On 10/16/2022 at approximately 0930 hours Cpl. Hashey and Sgt. Meserve responded to a Personal Injury crash on the Exeter Road in Garland. The operator, 49-year-old Bridgette Hamilton of Garland was the only occupant of the vehicle. Hamilton was transported to Sebasticook Valley Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.  

On Oct. 20, 2022, Cpl. Jeffrey Taylor responded to a burglary complaint at Hancock Grocery in Hancock. The suspect stole approximately $2800 in cash, checks, and change from the safe. Investigation continues.  

On. Oct. 23, 2022, Sgt. Endre located a male wanted for DV assault by Ellsworth PD. Alan Van Reijsen (52) was arrested on the warrant in Ellsworth and transported to the Hancock County jail. Ellsworth PD assisted.

Northern Field Troop Weekly Report for 9/11/2022 to 9/17/2022

On 9/14/2022, Tr. Haverly-Johndro stopped a vehicle for 107 MPH in a 70 MPH zone on I-95 in Carmel.  Tr. Haverly-Johndro identified the operator as Ali Alimurshidy (44 years old of Biddeford).  Tr. Haverly-Johndro charged Ali with criminal speed. 
On 9/15/2022,  Cpl. Dube was traveling on I95 in Bangor when a red BMW passenger car bearing a PA license plate passed at a high rate of speed.  Radar showed 92 miles per hour in a 60 mile per hour zone.  Tr. Dube conducted a traffic stop and the operator was identified as Dylan Gamber 20 YOA of PA.  Gamber was summonsed for criminal speed.
On 9/16/2022, Cpl. Dube conducted a traffic stop on a Gray Ford pickup bearing for speed in Bangor. Radar showed the vehicle was traveling 95 miles per hour in a 60 mile per hour zone.  The operator of the vehicle was identified as River Morris Rossignol, 21 YOA of Waterville. Rossignol was issued a summons for Criminal Speed.   
On 9/17/2022, Cpl. Dube was traveling southbound on I95 near Newport when a gray sedan passed him at a high rate of speed.  Radar showed the vehicle was traveling 106 miles per hour in a 70 mile per hour zone.  Cpl. Dube conducted a traffic stop and the driver was identified as Todd Carter, 37 YOA of Georgia.  Carter was issued a summons for criminal speed and released.   
On 9/16/2022, Troopers responded to 39 Marston Meadow Road in Glenburn for the report of a family fight. As a result of the investigation, Kyle Thompson 36 YOA of Glenburn, was arrested the next day on 9/17/2022. 
On 9/11/2022, Tr. Gould and Tr. Nelson responded to an assault in Glenburn. As a result of the investigation, Destiny Twitchell, 34, of Glenburn, was arrested and charged with DV assault. 
On 9/14/2022, Tr. Gould stopped a vehicle on I-95 southbound in Hermon for an expired inspection sticker.  Maddi Mayo (28) of Winterport was identified as the operator.  The vehicles suspension showed suspended status for toll violations.  Mayo was summonsed for Operating w/ Suspended Registration, class E. 
On 9/14/2022, Tr. Ramp was dispatched to an alleged burglary complaint.  The complainant stated he had just been brought home from the hospital found his house had been burglarized.  The complainant stated Frederick Gilbert, 57 of Bangor had brought him home and has been staying at his house helping him out.  As a result of the investigation Tr. Ramp learned that Gilbert had sold rings to Maritime International which belonged to the Complainant.  Tr. Ramp arrested Gilbert and charged him with theft, violating conditions of release, and false public alarm or report.  Gilbert was transported to the Penobscot County Jail. 
On 9/14/2022, Tr. Ramp was dispatched to 354 Darling Rd. in Hudson for a bail violation.  The complainant reported that her husband Christopher Hoxie, 55 of Hudson, was at their residence, which violated his bail conditions.  Christopher was gone when Tr. Ramp arrived on scene.  Tr. Ramp was able to speak with Christopher via phone and Christopher was summonsed the next day for violating conditions of release.
On 9/11/2022, Tr. Mahon responded to a report of a vehicle theft in Amherst.  The vehicle, a gray 2005 BMW X5, did not run and did not have plates on the vehicle.  It was last seen on September 7th.  Unknown suspects or direction of travel.
On 9/12/2022, Cpl. Jeff Taylor responded to a crash on the Tibbettstown Road in Columbia Falls where a vehicle drove into a telephone pole.  As a result of the investigation Michael Dewitt, 28 of Jonesport, was arrested for operating under the influence of drugs and violation of conditional release.  Sgt. Jeff Ingemi and Washington SO assisted with the investigation. 
On 9/13/2022, Tr. Keith York responded to a traffic complaint in Crawford where a vehicle was reported to have erratic operation.  As a result of the investigation Amanda St. Peter, 41 of Portland, was arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol. 
On 9/14/2022, Cpl. Jeff Taylor responded to a family fight complaint in Milbridge.  As a result of the investigation Dennis Rathbun, 24 of Columbia Falls, was arrested for domestic violence assault.  Washington SO assisted. 
On 9/14/2022, Tr. Mahon responded to a boat theft in Sullivan where it was reported that a 12-foot, 2007 Smoker Craft boat was stolen from where it was moored on the lake.  It is possible that the high winds may have caused the boat to drift to another location.  The Maine Warden service was notified.  The following day the boat was found returned to where it was missing.  
On 9/17/2022, Sgt. Jeff Ingemi responded to Calais for a report of a hit and run crash that had occurred during the night.  As a result of the investigation Jonathan King, 35 of Calais was summonsed for leaving the scene of a property damage crash. 
On 9/17/2022, Cpl. Jeff Taylor responded to a crash in Beals Island where it was reported that Luke Smith, 37 of Jonesport, went through a stop sign and over the embankment onto the clam flats.  As a result of the investigation Smith was arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol and summonsed for operating after suspension.  Tr. Jarid Leonard assisted.  
On 9/15/2022, Sgt. Daniel Ryan arrested Tyler Tibbetts (29) Harrington on route 1, Ellsworth after a traffic stop for OAS, warrant and violation of condition of release. 
On 9/16/2022, Tr. Jarid Leonard and Tr. Matthew Rose observed a side by side operating at a high rate of speed on the roadways in Calais. The side by side failed to stop when directed and as a result the operator refused to submit to arrest or detention The operator was identified as Raymond Korasadowicz (37) of Calais, and he was charged with refusing to submit to arrest and detention and OUI. He was arrested and booked into the Washington county Jail.

Troop D weekly activities for time May 4th to May 10th, 2020

On 5/3/2020 Trooper Belanger stopped Robert Mitchell (35) of Unity on Rt. 202 in Unity. Mitchell had a revoked license and performed poorly on SFSTs. Mitchell was taken to WCJ and given an intoxilyzer test. Mitchell tested above the legal limit and was charged with Operating After Revocation (OAR) and Operating Under the Influence (OUI).

On 5/3/2020 Trooper Belanger stopped Robert Sears (28) of Liberty on Rt. 202 in Unity for following too closely. Sears had a revoked driver’s license, an active FTA warrant, bail conditions, and was in possession of unprescribed Xanax. Sears was charged with Operating After Revocation (OAR), Violation of Conditions of Release (VCR), and possession of schedule Z drug.

On 5/4/2020 Cpl. Robinson stopped Nicholas Sapiel (22) of Winslow, on Route 137 in China for several vehicle defects.  Nicholas was found to be in Violation of his bail and operating after Habitual Offender (HO) Revocation.  Nicholas was summonsed for both offenses and released.  

On 5/4/2020 Trooper Belanger stopped Adam Giggy (41) of Waterville on Ward Hill Rd in Unity. Giggy had a suspended driver’s license and was charged with Operating After Suspension (OAS).

On 5/4/2020 Trooper Belanger and Cpl. Robinson stopped Brian Carroll (34) of Troy on Rt. 220 in Unity. Drug paraphernalia was seen in plain view. The vehicle was searched, and crack cocaine was located. Carroll was arrested and charged with possession of schedule W drug and use and sale of drug paraphernalia. 

5/4/2020 Trooper Gleeson stopped Aaron Vogel (35) for speed on 295 in Bowdoinham. It was determined Vogel does not have a Maine DL and his prior license was revoked out of New Jersey. Vogel was summonsed for operating without a license.  

On 5/4/2020. Sgt. Quintero conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle based upon the passenger Holly Grant (44) of Burnham smoking with a small child in the vehicle.  Grant was found to be in possession of hypodermic needles which she used to inject drugs along with prescription drugs which she admitted possessing without a legal authorization.  She was summonsed for the Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Unlawful Possession of Schedule Drugs. 

On 5/5/2020 Trooper Belanger stopped Lance French (49) of Howland on Rt. 69 in Hampden. French did not have a driver’s license and was charged with operating without a license.

On 5/5/2020 Trooper Belanger stopped a vehicle for speeding 46 in a 35 mph zone on Rt. 7 in Dixmont. The passenger, Kevin Wood, had an active warrant for a Protection From Abuse (PFA) violation. Wood was transported to Waldo County Jail. 

On 5/5/2020 Tr. Lauren Roddy received a report of a Protection From Abuse (PFA) violation which occurred in Windsor the day prior. Jack Huntington (52) of Windsor, was charged with Violating a Protection from Abuse Order, Class D.

On 5/6/2020 Tr. Bureau stopped Carolyn Elkins (39) for speeding on Route 139 in Benton. Upon further investigation, it was learned that Elkins was operating with a suspended driver’s license. Elkins was summonsed on scene and released to a licensed driver. 

On 5/7/2020 Tr. Lauren Roddy noticed a large amount of smoke coming from Clark Rd in China. Upon further investigation she discovered there was an active forest fire with 1-2 acres currently on fire. Tr. Harrington assisted on scene. China Fire Department and Maine Forest Service handled the fire.

5/7/2020 Tr. Verhille responded to a motor vehicle crash at 47 northbound. The operator, Amber Mondor (24) of Biddeford, ran off the road after swerving to avoid a groundhog in the roadway. Neither her or her passenger sustained any injuries. The vehicle was towed do to extensive damage. 

On 5/7/2020 Sgt Quintero stopped Charles Ray (39) of Lincolnville when he was spotted walking down the road with a shotgun while drinking a Twisted Tea alcoholic drink.  Ray was with Francis Richardson (25) of Belfast who was armed with a hunting bow.  Ray was charged with Violating Conditions of Release.  Richardson was Ultimately Charged with Operating after Suspension. 

On 5/9/2020 Cpl. Robinson and Trooper Belanger responded to 30 Moosehead Trail Apt L in Brooks for a 911 hang up. Susan Biagiotti (62) and Edward Desmond (63) were located in the residence. Both had been given disorderly conduct warnings by MSP earlier in the morning. Biagiotti was issued a summons for disorderly conduct. Desmond was arrested for disorderly conduct, assault, and refusing to submit. 

On 5/9/2020 Tr. Dunn stopped a vehicle on I-295 in Bowdoinham for an inspection sticker violation. The driver provided a name of Mark Carlson and stated that his license was revoked out of Illinois. Further investigation revealed that the driver was actually Matthew Carlson (50) of Portland, who had provided his brother’s name. Matthew Carlson had an active warrant from 2011 and was also charged with Violation of Conditions of Release (VCR), Operating After Revoked and FT Provide Correct Name/DOB.

On 5/9/2020 Tr. Martin stopped a vehicle with no rear registration plate. The operator Tyler Mckinney (19) was found to have a marijuana pipe in his possession and was charged with sale or use of drug paraphernalia. The passenger Jordan Brown (20) was charged with possession of a usable amount of marijuana and having drug paraphernalia. 

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