State Police Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

State Police say a sworn member of the department has tested positive for COVID-19. The member's duty included work at the Maine Turnpike Weigh Station in York, along the northbound lanes.  The name of the person is not being released, but he and his family are doing very well and in good spirits.  Upon receiving notice Saturday morning, the weigh station was immediately closed and has undergone a thorough cleaning by experts in the mitigation of COVID-19 and was expected to reopen by the end of today.  The CDC has conducted an investigation into who the member came in contact with, and State Police made notifications to anyone that would need to self-quarantine.  

CMP Employees Confronted for Out-of-State Plates

CMP truck
Photo courtesy of CMP

State Police have received recent reports of motorists with out of states plates being confronted and harassed, and advise Maine residents that if they have concerns about this issue to contact local or State Police. Some of these vehicles are likely to be operated by people who are working here in the state. Central Maine Power (CMP) has instituted "one-employee, one-vehicle" policy to ensure crews are maintaining appropriate social distancing at work. This new policy has required CMP to rent a number of pick-up trucks, all with CMP signage, and some of those vehicles have out of state license plates. There have been reports of CMP employees verbally accosted about why they have out of state plates on their vehicles, even though there are CMP logos on them. All utility workers are considered essential. 

Photo courtesy of CMP

There are many reasons for people to have out of state plates on their vehicles, such as temporary essential workers, car rentals, and traveling nurses.While we appreciate this is a time of high anxiety, confronting those with non-Maine license plates is unacceptable and residents with concerns should contact Maine law enforcement. Please exercise restraint and common sense during this time of tension. We want everyone to stay safe and stay healthy. 


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