Logging Truck

Monticello Crash

Gentle Road 1A juvenile received non-life-threatening injuries when he hit a logging truck parked on the Gentle Road in Monticello.

On Feb. 19, 2020, at around 7:15 p.m., a 17-year-old juvenile was driving his 2016 Honda sedan west on the Gentle Road, Monticello.  Robert Cox, 47, of Monticello, employed by Bartlett Forest Products, had a loaded log truck parked on Gentle Road, Monticello.  The truck did not have flashers or other lights activated.  The juvenile stated he saw the truck at the last moment, attempted to swerve around it, and struck the back of the trailer.  

The juvenile was transported to Houlton Regional Hospital for injuries that are not life threatening.  His vehicle was towed from the roadway by Westerdahl’s Towing.

The log truck was moved from the roadway and parked in a nearby lot.

Trooper Ryan Kilcollins is still conducting an investigation.  Robert was issued a summons for parking to obstruct traffic.  The juvenile was issued a traffic summons as well.Gentle Road 2

Monticello First Responders and Houlton Ambulance responded to the scene to assist Trooper Kilcollins

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