Troop G

Troop G Weekly Report - 02/21/2022 - 02/27/2022

On 02/23/2022, Cpl. Cropper stopped Matthew Fox  (18) of Windham for speeding at MM 2 on the Turnpike in Kittery. Fox was driving on a suspended license for points accumulation and was summonsed for speeding and OAS.

On 02/24/2022, Cpl. Peckham stopped Scott Babineau (32) of Augusta for multiple vehicle defects on I-95 in West Gardiner. Babineau was arrested on four warrants and charged with OAS, no insurance, and no inspection.

On 02/24/2022, Troop G Section One responded to a fatal motor vehicle crash northbound on I-95 in Litchfield. Brandon Currie (35) of Newport lost control of his pickup truck, crashed into the median, struck a motorhome, ejected out the back window and was deceased on scene. Troopers from Troop C and Troop D assisted.

Troop G Weekly Report - 02/14/2022 - 02/20/2022

On 02/14/2022, Cpl. Peckham stopped Charles Clark (53) of Auburn for expired registration in New Gloucester on I-95. Clark was charged with OAS and the vehicle was towed.

On 2/18/2022, Sgt. Wilkinson and Cpl. Physic responded to a vehicle that was stopped in the middle lane of the Turnpike in Saco. The male operator was uncooperative and fought with the troopers on scene. He was taken into custody and transported to the hospital. He was subsequently charged with OUI-refusal, refusing to submit to arrest or detention, and obstructing government administration. This investigation is ongoing. Sgt. Kennedy and Tr. Fleming assisted.

On 02/19/2022, Sgt. Pappas arrested Amgad Mohamed for OUI after he traveled several miles in the wrong direction on the Maine Turnpike.  He eventually parked in the cash lane of the New Gloucester tolls.  He blew over the legal limit. Corporals Physic and Russell assisted.

On 02/20/2022, Sgt. Pappas summonsed Ali Abbas for OAS.

Troop G Weekly Report - 02/07/2022 - 02/13/2022

On 02/09/2022, Cpl. Physic arrested Kenneth Goodwin for OUI.  Goodwin took an intoxilyzer test and blew over the legal limit. Tpr. Welch assisted.

On 02/11/2022, Tr. Ellis stopped Fallou Gueye (33) of New York on the ME turnpike for traveling below the minimum speed limit southbound in Biddeford. Tr. Ellis determined Mr. Gueye was operating a commercial motor vehicle and conducted an inspection. He was found to be operating the vehicle without a commercial driver’s license or operating authority. Additionally, several mechanical defects were discovered, making the vehicle unsafe to operate on the roadway. He was charged with operating without a license. He and his vehicle were placed out of service and the vehicle was towed.

On 02/11/2022, Sgt. Pappas arrested Marcus Coleman for DV terrorizing.

On 02/11/2022, Sgt. Pappas summonsed Letery Greenley for operating without a license.

On 02/12/2022, Tr. Ellis stopped Kobe James (22) of South Portland on the ME turnpike for speeding southbound in Portland. He was found to have a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and transported to Cumberland County Jail. His vehicle was towed.

On 2/13/2022, Tr. Ellis stopped Patrick Gasore (25) of Portland on the ME turnpike northbound in Scarborough. He had been reported by another motorist to be operating erratically and was speeding at the time of the stop. He was found to not have a driver’s license. He was charged accordingly, and his vehicle was towed away.

On 02/13/2022, Sgt. Pappas summonsed Diane Leavitt for OAS.

Troop G Weekly Report - 01/31/2022 - 02/06/2022

On 02/01/2022, Cpl. Peckham stopped Tyler Elliot (25) of Sabattus for a vehicle defect. Elliot was charged with violating conditions of release x4, OAS, attaching false plates, and no insurance, and the vehicle was towed.

On 02/01/2022, Cpl. Peckham stopped Daniel Jackson (40) of Bowdoinham for using a handheld electronic device. The vehicle’s registration was suspended at the time of the stop, and the vehicle was towed.

On 02/02/2022, Tr. Ellis stopped Tyreek Rankins (23) of Lewiston on the ME turnpike southbound in Cumberland. His vehicle registration was found to be suspended. His vehicle was towed.

On 02/04/2022, Tr. Keim responded to a crash at mile 12 northbound in Ogunquit. The operator of a tractor trailer unit was driving too fast for the road conditions when he lost control of the tractor trailer, going across 2 lanes and running up onto the top of the guard rail.  The truck then slid approximately 200 feet to where it jackknifed and came to rest.  The driver was not injured and no summons was issued.

On 02/04/2022, Tr. Keim responded to a crash at mile 8 in York. The tractor trailer was heading south when the driver lost control of the vehicle due to speed and road conditions.  The truck first struck the center guardrail, causing the rear of the truck to swing and strike the shoulder guardrail.  The truck then came to rest in the center of the road blocking 3 lanes.  York FD responded for loss of motor oil on the road.  The driver was not injured and no summons was issued.

On 02/01/2022, Tr. Bourdelais volunteered his time with Cub Scout Pack 672 to discuss safety and the importance of knowing emergency numbers and having escape plans at home. Scouts were able to ask questions and observe some of the techniques and skills law enforcement officers use to do their jobs. This included fingerprints and evidence recovery. 

Pickup Truck Collides with Plow

Red Pickup TruckFrom the desk of Shannon Moss, DPS PIO.

On Saturday, January 29, 2022 at 10:5 a.m. Maine State Police responded to a crash on I-95 at mile 83 northbound in Lewiston. The driver of a red Toyota pickup truck was in the passing lane and traveling too fast for road conditions when he came upon a Maine Turnpike Authority (MTA) plow truck. The driver of the pickup attempted to go around the plow on the median side where there was no room. He then hit the left wing of the plow causing it to bend back and puncture the tank that holds the brine solution which is used to treat the roads.  

There were no injuries to either driver.  

Other than this crash Troopers are reporting light traffic today with only a couple of slide offs.

The Maine State Police and the Maine Bureau of Highway of Safety  would like to remind drivers to give plows some room. Do not follow too close behind and do not crowd the plow when passing.

Troop G Weekly Report - 01/17/2022 - 01/23/2022

On 01/16/2022, Tr. Bourdelais stopped Tiago Fernandes de Oliveira for operation on I-95 in Gray. Upon further investigation, it was determined the operator did not have a valid license. His vehicle was towed, and the operator was summonsed for Operating without a License.

On 01/19/2022, Tr. Ellis assisted Tr. Gleaton (Troop B) with a motor vehicle crash involving a commercial vehicle on I-295. One of the involved drivers, Jackie Piasecki (39) of Biddeford was found to be impaired. Tr. Gleaton completed the investigation, charging her with operating under the influence.

On 01/20/2022, Sgt. Wilkinson and Tr. Welch responded to the Biddeford area of the Turnpike. South Berwick PD stopped an erratic operations vehicle before Troopers responded to the scene and took the traffic/investigation stop over. The operator was put through SFSTs and subsequently arrested and charged with OUI. The operator was not able to perform a breath test, so a blood draw was completed.  Results are pending.  

On 01/21/2022, Tr. Ellis contacted Igor Kostiuk (57) of New York on the ME turnpike southbound in South Portland. He was found to be extremely fatigued and lacking a commercial driver’s license. A commercial inspection was conducted identifying numerous other violations. He was summonsed and placed out of service.

On 01/23/2022, Tr. Keim stopped Corina Page (19) of South Portland for traveling 102 MPH.  She was issued a summons for criminal speeding.

Troop G Weekly Report - 01/10/2022 - 01/16/2022

On 01/14/2022, Cpl. Physic summonsed Jake Canty for Operating without a License.

On 01/14/2022, Cpl. Physic summonsed Ella McDonald for Criminal Speed for traveling 95 MPH in a 60 MPH zone.

On 01/15/2022, Cpl. Physic summonsed Summer Heath for Criminal Speed for traveling 101 MPH in a 70 MPH zone.

On 01/15/2022, Tr. Ellis stopped Nathan Harrison (34) of Dixfield on the ME turnpike for speeding northbound in Gray. His driver’s license was found to be suspended. He was charged with operating after suspension and his vehicle was towed.

On 01/16/2022, Cpl. Cropper stopped Wilfredo Molina-Chicas (20) of Portland for speeding on I-95 in Falmouth. Molina-Chicas produced a Maine ID and did not have a license. Molina-Chicas was summonsed for Operating without a License and PR bailed.

On 01/11/2022, Cpl. Kristy LiBritz volunteered in her community and completed a speaking engagement at the Standish Baptist Academy. The girls’ volleyball coach asked Kristy to give a motivational speech to the team. Cpl. LiBritz worked with the team for an hour doing teambuilding activities and talking about focus, resilience, teamwork, setting goals, and perseverance.

Troop G Weekly Report - 01/03/2022 - 01/09/2022

On 01/03/2022, Cpl. Cropper stopped a speeding vehicle that was southbound in Gray. The driver, ABDUALLAHI ALI ISSAK (25) of Lewiston failed to produce a license, gave a false name and date of birth, and was violating three sets of bail conditions by being in direct contact with his victim of DV Assault, who was in the vehicle with him. ISSAK was transported to Cumberland County Jail for VCR x3, operating without a license (suspended in MA), and failure to give correct name and/or DOB.

On 01/04/2022, Cpl. Cropper (Troop G) and Tpr. Jack Dow (Troop K) assisted Wells PD with locating a suicidal female who was southbound on the Turnpike from Wells. The female left a suicide note at her home, took her S&W 357 revolver, went to Wells Beach, and consumed approximately 25 pills of Tramadol. The female fled from Wells Beach after being confronted by an ex-boyfriend who was trying to get her help. Cpl. Cropper and Tpr. Dow stopped the vehicle at the southbound scales and called for rescue. Narcan was given to the female by rescue to help prevent an overdose, as the female wanted to go to the hospital with Cpl. Cropper. The female was transported to Portsmouth Regional Hospital and was admitted.

On 01/07/2022, Tpr. Parks stopped Gregory Inglis (60) of Ontario for operating an over-limit commercial vehicle at night on the ME Turnpike southbound in Falmouth. He was found to be lacking a required escort, off route, and had failed to acquire ME Turnpike authorization. Tpr. Ellis assisted by conducting a commercial vehicle inspection. Inglis was summonsed and parked for the night.

On 01/08/2022, Section One Troopers responded to mile 25 southbound for a report of a vehicle traveling north in the southbound lane that crashed into a vehicle head on. Charity Reynolds (45) was charged with OUI, driving to endanger, and violating conditions of release. Specialist Allen assisted with the OUI investigation.


Wrong-way driver charged with OUI after crashing into multiple cars on the Turnpike 

Firetruck and crashed vehiclesOn Saturday, January 8, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. the Augusta Regional Communications Center began taking reports of a wrong-way vehicle traveling northbound in the southbound lane, at mile marker 22 in Wells on the Maine Turnpike. The vehicle, a gray Subaru, made it to the southbound Kennebunk Service Plaza where it struck a white BMW sedan head-on. Another southbound motorist in a Hyundai SUV then struck the disabled white BMW. Witnesses told Maine State Police the Subaru, driven by 45-year-old Charity Reynolds of Virginia, attempted to conduct a U-turn on the Turnpike and became disabled in the southbound service plaza. Minor injuries were sustained and no one involved in the crashes was transported to the hospital. Further investigation revealed Reynolds struck another vehicle in Wells on I-95 before crashing in Kennebunk. Reynolds, who is already on bail for OUI, was charged with violating conditions of release, OUI alcohol, and driving to endanger. Reynolds was summonsed and will appear in court at a later date.

MSP was assisted by Arundel, Biddeford, and West Kennebunk Fire Departments.

Troop G Weekly Report - 12/27/2021 - 01/02/2022

On 12/31/2021, Tr. Ellis stopped Yvon Gom Kidiamene (18) of Sanford on the ME turnpike for failing to obey a traffic control device northbound in Saco. He was found to not have a valid driver’s license. He was summonsed and a licensed driver drove the vehicle away.

On 12/31/2021, Tr. Ellis stopped Kayla Parent (28) of Brunswick on the ME turnpike for erratic operation southbound in Saco. She was put through field sobriety tests, found to be impaired, and arrested. She was taken to Saco PD for a breathalyzer test. She blew over the legal limit and was charged with operating under the influence and operating after suspension.

On 12/31/2021, Cpl. Peckham attempted to stop a black BMW in Falmouth on I-95 after receiving two erratic operation complaints as well as no registration plates. The vehicle attempted to elude and crashed on I-495 in the EZ Pass lane. Elijah Cambrola (18) of Kennebunk was arrested and charged with eluding, reckless conduct, failure to stop, criminal speed, driving to endanger, operating w/o license, failure to register, duty to inform law enforcement and having loaded firearm in motor vehicle. Passenger James Marr (22) of Biddeford was arrested on a warrant. Tr. Parks, Tr. Willard, and Tr. Anstett assisted.

On 12/31/2021, Cpl. Peckham checked on stranded motorist, Charles Richardson (39) of Lewiston, on I-95 in Gray. Richardson was wanted on an FTA warrant and was PR bailed with a new Lewiston court date.

On 12/31/2021, Sgt. Wilkinson and Cpl. Physic responded to a crash southbound on I-95 in the area of mile marker 2 in Kittery. A front tire to the tractor unit blew. The operator lost control of the unit and the trailer struck the center median guardrail and the Wilson Road overpass causing the Poland Spring water bottles to be ejected from the trailer which subsequently covered the highway. The operator was not injured, and no other vehicles were involved. Lanes 1 and 2 southbound were shut down for a considerable amount of time for cleanup; however, lane 3 remained opened throughout. The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit (CVEU) was notified. Kittery Police and Fire Departments assisted. MTA personnel assessed the damage to the bridge abutment.

On 01/01/2022, Sgt Pappas arrested Taylor Couture for OUI.  She blew over the legal limit.

On 01/02/2022, Tr. Ellis contacted Christopher Berry (52) of Scarborough on the ME turnpike southbound in South Portland. His driver’s license was found to be suspended. He was charged with operating after suspension. A licensed driver drove the vehicle away.

On 01/02/2022, Tr. Ellis stopped Thonglo Chanthapho (56) of Sanford for speeding 105/70 and unsafe passing on the ME turnpike northbound in Kennebunk. The ME turnpike was under a winter weather caution and plows were active in the area. He was charged with driving to endanger. His vehicle was towed away.

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