Troop B

Troop B Weekly Report 12/27/21-01/02/22

Week Beginning: 12/27/2021 – 01/02/2022

Troop/ Unit: Maine State Police - Troop B

# of School Visits conducted – 0                      

# of Use of Force Incidents – 0

# of OUI Alcohol Arrests – 2                                             

# of Minimum Shifts used – 19

# of OUI Drug Arrests – 0                                  

# of DV Arrests – 0


Tr. Watson and Tr. Gleaton were in Livermore when they noticed a vehicle plowed in on the side of the road. Tr. Watson and Tr. Gleaton found empty twisted tea cans in the vehicle and on the ground outside the vehicle, as well as a prescription containing suboxone prescribed to Christina Noll. The vehicle was registered to a person who is deceased. Tr. Gleaton was unable to contact Noll. The vehicle was towed, and the plates were seized. The suboxone was seized for safekeeping.


Tr. Gleaton stopped a motor vehicle that had a suspended registration since September 2021 for failure to pay tolls. The plate covering was also heavily tinted, as well as the driver and passenger windows. Tr. Gleaton issued a VSAC for failure to register.



Tr. Knight stopped a vehicle in Bridgton for multiple vehicle violations at 1300 hours. Tr. Knight determined the operator was impaired and she was arrested. Tr. Knight summonsed the operator for OUI and DTE.

Tr. Knight was called out to an overdose in Hiram. The subject’s father administered two doses of Narcan prior to Rescue’s arrival. The subject was stable upon Rescue’s arrival but was transported. Tr. Knight arrived on scene after the subject’s transport. 1g of Fentanyl was seized.

12/27/2021 -12/31/2021

Trooper Willard stopped (4) vehicles for Suspended Registration. All drivers were summonsed accordingly.



Tr. Lemieux was traveling north on I-295 in Portland. At this time, he observed a vehicle quickly approaching him in lane one. On radar Tr. Lemieux saw the vehicle was traveling 80mph in a posted 50mph zone. Tr. Lemieux stopped the driver and cited him appropriately.

Tr. Lemieux was clearing a stop on I-295 in Portland when a truck passed him with a defective exhaust. Tr. Lemieux followed the vehicle into Portland and saw a defective brake light. The vehicle pulled into the Park and Ride on Marginal Way. Tr. Lemieux stopped the vehicle and the driver jumped out and started walking towards the front of the vehicle. The driver yelled at Tr. Lemieux and finally got back into the vehicle after he was ordered to several times. The driver originally provided his brother’s name and date of birth. The driver later provided his name as being Charles Corant of Fryeburg. CORANT had a revoked driver’s license. Inspecting the vehicle, it was found it had a fictitious inspection. The vehicle was towed and CORANT was issued a summons.


Tr. Lemieux stopped a vehicle in Durham for expired inspection. He made contact with the driver who was identified as Sharod Nunes of Freeport. Nunes had a revoked driver’s license and was on probation and bail. NUNES was searched and issued a summons. The passenger who had an active license drove the vehicle away. Tr. Nilsen assisted with the stop.


Tr. Willard stopped a vehicle for traveling 95 mph in a posted 65 mph zone. The operator John Kelley (20) was summonsed accordingly.

Tr. Willard stopped a vehicle for traveling 87 mph in a posted 55 mph zone.  The operator Taylor McKay (21) was summonsed accordingly.

Tr. Gleaton was southbound on 295 in Portland when a vehicle came up behind her going 98 mph in a 65-mph zone. Tr. Gleaton reduced the criminal speed to a VSAC of 29 mph over.


03/22/2021-03/28/2021 Maine State Police Honor Guard Update


03/23/2021- MSP HG was notified that retired MSP K-9 Champ had died at a Saco Vet Center.  Shorey and Russell were directed to respond to meet with Retired Sgt. Forbes. HG members were able to present Sgt. Forbes and his attending family members a set of US Colors to signify our sincerest appreciation for Champ’s service to the citizens of the State of Maine and the Maine State Police.


03/25/2021- MSP HG was notified that Trooper Hanneken was killed in the line of duty in the State of Illinois.  An E.O.W. plate was ordered through MDOT a plaque will be prepared for presentation to Illinois SP on behalf of MSP.


Senior Master Trooper Todd Hanneken

Illinois State Police, Illinois

End of Watch: Thursday, March 25, 2021

Senior Master Trooper Todd Hanneken was killed in a single-vehicle crash on Illinois 10.


03/26/2021- MSP HG was notified that Trooper Gallagher was killed in the line of duty in the State of New York.  An E.O.W. plate was ordered through MDOT and a plaque will be prepared for presentation to the New York SP on behalf of MSP.



Trooper Joseph Gallagher

New York State Police, NY

End of Watch: Friday, March 26, 2021

Trooper Joseph Gallagher was struck by a vehicle.


Troop B Weekly Report 02/22/21-02/28/21

Incident Type:   OUI drugs, DTE, Endangering the welfare of a child, & Other Pending Charges

Date:                                     2/20/2021

Town:                                   I-295 Freeport

Trooper:                               tr. lemieux

Brief Synopsis: At approximately 1638 hours, Augusta RCC received several complaints of a motor vehicle traveling North on I-295 swerving. Tr. Lemieux located the vehicle on I-295 in Freeport swerving over both lanes almost striking the guardrail. Tr. Lemieux conducted a motor vehicle stop. After approximately one mile, the vehicle pulled over. The driver (later identified as Paul Trask) showed signs of impairment. Tr. Lemieux noticed a single pill on the passenger floor. Tr. Lemieux spoke with TRASK outside of the vehicle. TRASK had a large bulge in his pants pocket. In his pocket was a large pill bottle with two types of pills inside. The name on the pill bottle was his fiancés. Field Sobriety was conducted. TRASK was placed under arrest for OUI drugs. A DRE performed several more tests. While waiting for a Bail Commissioner, TRASK mother in-law called looking for her grandchild. TRASK said his son was with his mother in law. The mother in-law informed me she did not have TRASK son. Portland PD was requested to go to TRASK residence in Portland. It was found that TRASK left his 8-month-old child inside of his apartment alone for approximately six hours. DHHS was called. TRASK was transported to Cumberland County Jail. The pills inside were counted (593 unknown pills) (8 Xanax pills). All pills will be sent to the lab for testing.


Incident Type:        OUI       

Date:                          2/28/2021

Town:                      Brownfield                   

Trooper:                   Tr. Willard

Brief Synopsis: On 2/29/2021, Trooper Willard was traveling west on Route 113 in Brownfield, when he observed a single vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed in the opposite direction.  The vehicle was confirmed to be traveling at 76 mph in a posted 55 mph zone.  Once Trooper Willard reversed direction and began catching up, the vehicle quickly turned left onto the Wakefield Road.  Trooper Willard closed the distance and the vehicle finally stopped.  The truck was a red 2007 Chevy Colorado pickup which had no registration plates.  Subsequent investigation led to the driver, Michael Shuman of Brownfield to be arrested for suspicion of OUI.  Shuman was transported to Fryeburg Police Department for a breath test.  Shuman was charged with Operating Under the Influence.


Incident Type:   OAR

Date:                                   2/22/2021

Town:                                 Bridgton

Trooper:                             Tr. Knight

Brief Synopsis:  Tr. Knight was traveling south on Rt 302 in Bridgton when she recognized a vehicle traveling north. Trp. Knight turned around, caught up to the vehicle and through prior knowledge and investigation, believed it was being operated by Tiffany Tolman, of Sweden. Tr. Knight conducted a traffic stop and confirmed Tiffany was the operator. She was also on multiple sets of bail. Tiffany was again arrested and booked at the Cumberland County Jail on felony OAR and VCR.


Troop B Weekly Report 03/01/21-03/07/21

Incident Type:   Pi-Crash, Oui

Date:                                     3/05/2021

Town:                                   I-295 South Portland

Trooper:                               Tr. Doughty, tr. lemieux

Brief Synopsis: At approximately 2038 hours, Tr. Doughty was dispatched to the area of mile marker South for a motor vehicle crash. On scene, it was determined that one of the vehicles was traveling South on I-295 when the driver crossed over the median, drove through a guard rail and struck another driver traveling North on I-295. Both drivers were transported to Maine Medical Center. Tr. Lemieux submitted a preservation order and will be drafting a search warrant for medical records for the driver who was traveling South on I-295.


Incident Type:   OUI

Date:                                   3/07/2021

Town:                                 Canton

Trooper:                             Tr. WATSON

Brief Synopsis:  Tr. Watson stopped a Toyota Tacoma towing a snowmobile trailer after making a bad pass on Rt 108 in Canton. The operator, Jeffrey Blanchard (37) showed multiple signs of impairment. Field Sobriety was completed, and Blanchard was subsequently arrested. Dep. Carrier assisted with the stop and remained with the vehicle until a wrecker arrived. Blanchard was transported to the Rumford Police Department for a breath test and charged for Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol.