Dayton Man Facing Multiple Charges

A Dayton man is facing 8 charges after being arrested.

On Nov. 6, 2020, Maine State Police Troopers in Troop A were dispatched to an address in Dayton for a report that Rock Varnum, 50, of Dayton, had assaulted his partner, threatened to kill her, burn down the house, and also attacked another female at the scene with a knife leaving her with injuries. Varnum initially fled the area on an ATV prior to Troopers' arrival. While State Police were investigating the incident Varnum returned on his ATV, highly intoxicated. Varnum was uncooperative with Troopers and was taken into custody after a brief struggle. Varnum was then transported to the hospital. While being transported by Rescue personnel he continued to threaten them with physical harm. 

After Varnum was released from the hospital he was transported to the York County Jail where he was charged with the following offenses: Aggravated Assault (Class B); Domestic Violence Assault (Class D); Two Counts of Criminal Terrorizing (Class D); Domestic Violence Terrorizing (Class D); Operating under the influence of Alcohol(refusal to submit to test) (Class D); Refusing to submit to arrest or detention (Class D); and Disorderly Conduct (Class E).

Citizens take Keys from Reportedly Intoxicated Driver

Brittany Boudreau, 29, of Cumberland

Maine State Troopers say that an alert homeowner helped stop an intoxicated motorist that had parked in their driveway.

On October 14, 2019, at approximately 1:13 p.m., Maine State Police out of Troop A received a report from a resident on South Street in Dayton that an intoxicated motorist had pulled into their driveway. The resident took the keys from the vehicle due to the high level of intoxication by the driver. It was also learned that the Biddeford Police Department had received a report of this same vehicle operating erratically in their city.

When Troopers arrived on scene they observed the driver, Brittany Boudreau, 29, of Cumberland, throw a phone onto the ground damaging it. It was learned this phone belonged to one of the residents that called police.

Boudreau was uncooperative and was arrested for OUI-Liquor and Criminal Mischief. On the way to the jail she attempted to get out of the cruiser and had to be further restrained. She refused to take an intoxilyzer test at the jail and was booked on her charges.

She failed to make bail and will make her first court appearance in Springvale District court on Tuesday at 1:00 p.m.

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