June 2020

  • Belmain Escorted to Kennebec County Jail

    Belmain EscortRobert Belmain, 53, of Caribou, was transported today by State Police Troopers to the Kennebec County Jail after he had received medical treatment from injuries sustained in a crash during a high speed pursuit with Troopers on Sunday, June 14th in Waterville. During the pursuit Trooper Mickael Nunez, a 3 year veteran with the State Police was seriously injured as he attempted to deploy a tire deflating device to end the pursuit on Route 3 in China. Trooper Nunez remains at Maine General Medical Center in Augusta with his family, and is listed in fair condition. 

    The Maine State Police would like to thank the many people who rushed to render aid to Trooper Nunez when he was struck by the vehicle Belmain was driving. 

    Robert Belmain, 53, of Caribou

    Belmain was charged with numerous criminal offenses to include, Elevated Aggravated Assault, Driving to Endanger, Reckless Conduct and Eluding. Belmain will remain at the Kennebec County Jail and held without bail until his initial court appearance. 

  • Maine State Police Statement on Third-Party Data Breach Involving the Maine Information and Analysis Center (MIAC) 

    June 26, 2020 

    The MIAC was notified on June 20, 2020 of a data breach by Netsential, a company that provides third-party web hosting services to over 200 law enforcement and government agencies throughout the United States. We were told this data breach may have included information from the MIAC, consequently, we notified our partner agencies of the possible data breach with recommendations on mitigation measures, such as creating awareness for phishing attacks and changing passwords.  Since then the MIAC has been working to assess the extent of the data breach with our state, local and federal partners, including the FBI Houston Field Office, which is actively investigating this incident. 

    Earlier today we received confirmation that datasets submitted to the MIAC by partner organizations and are maintained by Netsential have been compromised and made public through various unlawful means.  Our initial analysis revealed some of these files contain information distributed among law enforcement and government agencies.  The MIAC has been utilizing the services of this vendor since 2017.

    The most common documents shared are crime information and situational awareness bulletins that are used to assist in solving crimes, to connect regional incidents and to create situational awareness for public safety entities and private sector partners throughout the State. These bulletins often contain identifying information, such as full name and date of birth of people under investigation by other law enforcement agencies.  They may also involve individuals wanted for criminal activity or individuals reported as missing.  We will be engaging in additional, more specific notifications to those agencies affected as we learn what the contents of those breaches are to ensure that ongoing investigations are not jeopardized.    

    Fusion Centers were created to enhance public safety and encourage effective, efficient, ethical, lawful, and professional intelligence and information sharing.  MIAC’s mission is to prevent and reduce the harmful effects of crime and terrorism on victims, individuals, and communities while protecting people’s privacy, civil rights and civil liberties. 

    For more information please contact Lieutenant Michael Johnston via e-mail at Michael.P.Johnston@Maine.Gov

  • Troop J Weekly Report (06-22-20 to 06-28-20)

    # of School Visits conducted – 0

    # of OUI Alcohol Arrests – 1

    # of OUI Drug Arrests – 1

    # of DV Arrests – 0


    Trooper Dana Austin stopped a motor vehicle for a traffic violation in Ellsworth, as a result of the investigation, Sara Knapp (36) of Indian Island was summonsed for Attaching False Plates. A passenger in the vehicle Jacob Britton (19) of Ellsworth was summonsed for Violation of Conditional Release. Sergeant Jason Sattler assisted.

    Trooper Kim Sawyer summonsed Joel T. Hayward (52) of Baileyville for Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle after a traffic stop for improper passing and speed in Crawford (the vehicle’s registration had expired 2/28/2019).

    Trooper Travis Chapman stopped a vehicle in reference to an investigation into a possible burglary. As a result of the stop the operator, Sarah Double (30) of Union was summonsed for Possession of Heroin and Operating after Suspension.

    Trooper Jeffrey Taylor arrested Tristan Robinson (22) of Steuben for Operating Under the Influence as the result of a traffic stop in Cherryfield for speeding. Torre Newenham (25) of Gouldsboro was also summonsed for Assault as the result of a separate altercation during the stop.


    Sergeant Tim Varney summonsed Patrick Beal (39) of Addison for Operating After Suspension as the result of a traffic stop on the Wilson District Road in Harrington.

     Trooper Dana Austin responded to the Penobscot River in Verona Island for a report of a body that was floating in the water. Trooper Austin arrived on scene and conducted his investigation. It appears the body had been in the water for an extended period of time. Trooper Austin is working with the Office of Chief Medical Examiner to attempt to figure out the identity of the deceased. Trooper Austin was assisted by Corporal Christopher Smith, the Maine Marine Patrol, the Bucksport Police Department, the Bucksport Fire Department, and the Bangor Police Department.


    Trooper Caleb McGary responded to a theft complaint in Otis where gas was not paid for at a local gas station.  Investigation continues.


     Trooper Miles Carpenter responded to Perry for a crash that occurred on Route 1.  The investigation revealed that Larry Bowen (37) of Perry had crossed the center line and struck the side of an oncoming vehicle.  Larry did not stop and continued south on Route 1.  Shortly after the crash, Pleasant Point Officer Matt Cummings observed the vehicle, operated by Larry, over the center line and stopped the vehicle.  Following the investigation, Larry was arrested for Operating Under the Influence - Drugs, Operating After Suspension, Attaching False Plates and Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident.  Pleasant Point Police Department and Washington County Sheriff’s Department assisted in the investigation. 



  • Troop G Weekly Report 06/22/2020 - 06/28/2020

    On 06/21/2020, Tr. Duda responded to mile marker 10 on I-295 to conduct a K9 sniff for a Troop B Trooper. No indications were present.

    On 06/25/2020, Tr. Physic pulled over a vehicle for erratic operation in Portland. Tr. Physic summonsed Christopher Poole for OAS. 

    On 06/26/2020, Tr. Keim stopped Glad L. Kombo (22) of Portland for speeding. Kombo was traveling 87 MPH in a posted 70 MPH zone. After doing a license check, Tr. Keim obtained information that Kombo had 2 active suspensions. Kombo was then charged with speeding, failing to produce license, and operating after suspension.

    On 06/26/2020, Cpl. Cote stopped Jarrod Smith (49) of Chebeague Island on the ME Turnpike northbound in Portland for traveling 83 MPH in a posted 50 MPH work zone. He was charged with Criminal Speed (Class E).

    On 06/26/2020, Tr. Duda was traveling home and stopped a vehicle on Route 135 in Winthrop after observing the vehicle cross the center line. The operator, Matthew Watson (59) of Winthrop, was on his way home from work and had been drinking. He was ultimately arrested for operating under the influence and transported to Winthrop PD for a breath test. He blew over the legal limit and was charged accordingly.

    On 06/26/2020, Sgt. Pappas arrested Andrew McBride of Beverly, MA for OUI. He refused the intoxilyzer test.

    On 06/26/2020, Tr. Physic summonsed Austin Martin for Criminal Speed for going 95 MPH in a 60 MPH in Portland.

    On 06/27/2020, Tr. Darcy charged Ronald Willett (56) of Vassalboro with OAS as the result of a stop northbound on the turnpike in York.

    On 06/27/2020, Tr. Physic stopped at a gas station in Auburn to get gas when he observed a pick-up truck pull in. Tr. Physic observed the driver stumbling outside the pick-up truck. Tr. Physic made contact with the driver and conducted an OUI investigation. Tr. Physic arrested Curtis Fogg for OUI, and Curtis refused an intoxilyzer test.

    On 06/28/2020, Cpl. Cote stopped Sydney Fortin (20) of Turner on the ME Turnpike northbound in Portland for traveling 83 MPH in a posted 50 MPH work zone. She was charged with Criminal Speed (Class E).

  • Troop F Weekly Report 06-22 to 06-28-20

    Incident Type:         CRIMINAL SPEED

    Date:                          6/23/2020

    Town:                        mapleton

    Trooper:                   Tr. Kilcollins

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Kilcollins was conducting traffic enforcement in Mapleton and observed a vehicle driving 83 mph in a posted 45 mph zone.  During the stop, the driver told him he had just finished working and was in a hurry to go swimming.  The male driver was issued a criminal summons for exceeding the posted speed limit by 30 mph or more.


    Incident Type:         DRUGS

    Date:                          6/23/2020

    Town:                        T11 R4

    Trooper:                   Tr. Kilcollins

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Kilcollins was conducting traffic enforcement in T11 R4 and observed a vehicle with defective rear lights.  He stopped the vehicle and learned the driver and passenger had current bail conditions.  Tr. Kilcollins conducted a search of the vehicle and discovered drugs and drug paraphernalia in a bag belonging to the passenger.  She was issued a criminal summons for possession of schedule W drug and for violating her conditions of release.


    Incident Type:         PURSUIT

    Date:                          6/25/2020

    Town:                        mars hill

    Trooper:                   Tr. Kilcollins

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Kilcollins was patrolling in Blaine and observed a vehicle leaving a residence known for drug trafficking.  Tr. Kilcollins tried to catch up and identify the vehicle but it was driving at an excessive rate.  Tr. Kilcollins estimated the vehicle to be travelling 100+ mph in a posted 45 mph zone.  Tr. Kilcollins activated his emergency lights and siren attempting to stop the vehicle.  The SUV turned onto a field road in Mars Hill and continued driving at speeds over 70 mph.  The vehicle stopped due to large irrigation equipment blocking the road.  The driver tried to back up but was blocked by Tr. Kilcollins.  The man was arrested and claimed he did not know Tr. Kilcollins was behind him.  The man was taken to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton for Eluding an Officer, Operating After Suspension, Illegal Attachment of Plates, Criminal Speeding, and Violation of Conditions of Release.


    Incident Type:         criminal traffic summons

    Date:                          6/25/2020

    Town:                        littleton

    Trooper:                   Cpl. Quint

    Brief Synopsis:       Cpl. Quint was conducting traffic enforcement on the West Ridge Road, Littleton.  He observed a vehicle not displaying a valid state inspection certificate and conducted a traffic stop.  The male driver had an expired driver’s license from 2016 and told Cpl. Quint he knew it was expired but had not been able to get it renewed.  The man was issued a criminal summons for the violation and a traffic summons for not having proof of insurance.  The man was given a warning for the inspection violation.  His passenger drove the vehicle back to his residence in Houlton.


    Incident Type:         CRIMINAL SPEED

    Date:                          6/26/2020

    Town:                        presque isle

    Trooper:                   Tr. Martin

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Martin was conducting traffic enforcement and was driving through Presque Isle.  He observed a vehicle that was travelling 56 mph in a posted 25 mph residential zone.  The driver had no excuse for the speed and was issued a criminal summons for exceeding the posted speed limit by 30 mph or more.


    Incident Type:         oas

    Date:                          6/25/2020

    Town:                        monticello

    Trooper:                   Tr. Rider

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Rider was traveling on Rt. 1 in Monticello when he observed a vehicle with a defect.  Tr. Rider pulled the vehicle over and the driver had a suspended driver license because of a few prior OUI charges.  The driver was issued a criminal OAS summons and the driver had his girlfriend come pick up the vehicle. 

    Incident Type:         warrant/drug possession

    Date:                          6/22/2020

    Town:                        hodgdon

    Trooper:                   Tr. Sylvia

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Sylvia was in Hodgdon when he observed a local man drive by him that he knew had 3 warrants out for his arrest.  He pulled the man over and arrested him on the warrants.  Once the man was arrested and searched, he was found to be in possession of Suboxone.  A computer check revealed that the man was also on bail with several conditions.  He was transported to the jail and charged with Violation Conditions of Release and Unlawful Possession of Schedule W Drugs.

    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          6/24/2020

    Town:                        Littleton

    Trooper:                   Tr. Mahon

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr.  Mahon pulled over a vehicle in Littleton for having a defective windshield.  A license check on the female operator revealed that her license was under suspension.  She was summoned to Houlton District Court for the violation and a licensed operator was brought to the scene to driver the vehicle for the owner.


    Incident Type:         theft

    Date:                          6/22/2020

    Town:                        Oakfield

    Trooper:                   Tr. Saucier

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Saucier was called to an Oakfield residence when a resident reported that a pressure washer had been stolen from his home.  He told Tr. Saucier that the washer had been on his lawn and had been taken sometime during the day without him noticing it had been taken.  The investigation is ongoing.

  • Troop D Weekly Report

    Troop D weekly activities for time June 22nd to June 28th, 2020

    On 6/22/2020 Tr. Verhille responded to a motor vehicle crash on 295 in the Town of Richmond. The operator Antonio Martinez (22) of Coral Springs, Florida, was traveling north on I295 near mile 47 when the vehicle ran off the roadway to the left.  The vehicle traveled a portion along the ditch and then over corrected causing the vehicle to enter the roadway again before crossing and going off the right side of the road.  The vehicle flipped and/or rolled several times. Martinez was not buckled and was ejected from the vehicle. Martinez was pronounced dead at the scene. 

    On 6/22/2020 Tr. Harrington stopped Brittney Young (30) and Nathan Bernardini (40) both of Clinton traveling northbound on I95 at roughly mile maker 107 for a vehicle defect. It was determined Young was operating with a suspended license and the plates were falsely attached to the vehicle. Criminal indicators were observed, and Cpl. Record and K9 Tess were called on to assist with the stop. After Tess alerted to the presence of narcotics, Troopers searched the vehicle and found drug paraphernalia. Young was charged accordingly, and the vehicle was towed from the scene. 

    On 6/23/2020 Tr. Martin stopped a vehicle traveling 95mph in a post 55mph on Route 3 in Liberty. The operator Daniel Tena-Valladares (18) of New York was summonsed for Criminal Speed and released. 

    On 6/23/2020 Trooper Anstett and Trooper Moore conducted a traffic stop on Rt.202 in China on a vehicle with a headlight out.  The operator Shannon Wallace (41) of Winterport just purchased the vehicle and falsely attached plates to it. The driver was summonsed.

    On 6/24/2020 Trooper Anstett and Trooper Moore responded to 55 53rd Fire Rd in China for a dog bite. Upon arrival Troopers met with Harvey Cotta (72) who stated he was walking along Lakeside Drive and was bit by 2 Great Danes. Cotta had a laceration to the right arm but refused medical. Animal Control took over the call and quarantined the dogs.

    On 6/24/2020 Sgt. Quintero stopped Angela Bragg (49) of Augusta for a motor vehicle violation in Vassalboro.  Bragg was found to be on conditions of release.  A search of Bragg’s vehicle located crack pipes, assorted drug paraphernalia and prescription drugs that she was not prescribed. Brag was found to be in possession of Cocaine Base.  Bragg was arrested for Violation of Conditions of Release and Class C possession of Schedule W drugs.

    On 6/24/2020 Tr. Bureau stopped Lucas Gragg (39) on I-295 in Bowdoinham for operating a motor vehicle without any registration plates. Upon further investigation, Gragg was found to be operating with a revoked habitual offender license. Gragg was summonsed for the class-C offense and released to a licensed driver. 

    On 6/24/2020 Tr Mattson stopped PENNY RIGBY (57) on Works Rd in Jackson for a defective brake light.  Penny had a suspended license for disability/vision issues. 

    On 6/27/2020 Troopers received a complaint in Windsor of a landlord who had removed all of her tenants’ items from her residence. After further investigation, it was believed there was well over $1,000 worth of items missing from the apartment. Tr. Lauren Roddy, Tr. Tyler Harrington and Tr. Caleb Adams located most of the stolen items at the residence of Lisa Whitney (42), in Chelsea. Whitney is the niece of the landlord. The stolen items were seized, and Whitney was charged with Theft by Unauthorized Taking, Class C. 

    The following day, Tr. Roddy and Tr. Harrington interviewed the landlord, Viola Skidgel (63), of Litchfield. Viola broke a window of the apartment, made entry to the residence and facilitated the removal of all of the tenant’s belongings. Viola was charged with Class B Burglary. Viola had stolen an air conditioner which she later returned to the victim. Troopers were able to locate two televisions stolen from the residence, the subject was charged by Tr. Harrington for the theft of the TVs.

    On 6/28/2020 Tr. Adams stopped Hunter Thompson (20) of Morrill. Thompson was on bail for an OUI. Thompson had alcohol on him as well as dabs. Thompson was issued a criminal summons for Violating Conditions of Release Class E.

    On 6/28/2020 Sgt. Quintero encountered Sonya Mcclure (28) of Plainfield Connecticut parked in the roadway on the Hope Rd., in the Town of Lincolnville. Mcclure was found to be drinking alcohol and urinating in the roadway.  Mcclure was found to have a driver’s license which was expired for approximately one year. Mcclure’s driver’s license was also suspended out of Connecticut.  Mcclure’s vehicle was towed from the scene and she was summonsed for Class E Operating with a Driver’s License Suspended for greater than 90 days.  

    On 6/28/2020 Sgt. Quintero arrested Adam Daggett (40) of Hope Rd for Disorderly Conduct and Refusing to Submit to Arrest or Detention. Sgt. Quintero attempted to deliver Sonya McClure from the scene of her arrest to Daggett’s residence; while doing so, Adam Daggett who is a prior domestic partner became angered and was screaming and cursing.  Daggett was warned for Disorderly Conduct.  Daggett continued to scream and approached Sgt. Quintero and challenged him to arrest him.  Daggett was in fact arrested then transported to Waldo County Jail. 

    On 6/28/2020 Tr Mattson stopped BRIAN FERREIRA (47) in Brooks for a seatbelt violation.  The passenger BRENDA JOY (49) has an active no extradition warrant out of MA for larceny.

  • I-295 Bowdoinham Crash

    Bowdoinham State Police say heavy rain caused a crash along Interstate 295 in Bowdoinham this afternoon.  A car hydroplaned, struck guardrails and forced a tractor trailer off the road where it overturned with its load of trash. Northbound traffic was reduced to one lane for the afternoon hours.   Trooper Elisha Fowlie said the driver of the car – 41 year old Susan Dubuisson of Farmingdale was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.  The driver of the big rig was 57 year old Harry Pratt of Bradley, who was not injured.  Most of the trash remained in the truck’s trailer.