Education Service Center

As part of Maine’s plan for putting students first, the Maine Department of Education is focused on improving educational services, increasing student achievement, and creating efficiencies through innovative regional partnerships.

Opportunities are available to provide support for regional efforts that will improve opportunity and access for Maine students by economizing on and maximizing educational services. Title 20-A MRS Chapter 123 was enacted as a set of provisions specifically for the development of Education Service Centers.

An Education Service Center (ESC) is a multiservice agency established and operated for the purposes of developing, managing, and providing services to its members. Membership is voluntary and incentivized. The services offered by the ESC, as well as those utilized by its members, are at the discretion of the membership.

To view current Education Service Centers by location, click on the Education Service Center Interactive Map.

Information on Education Service Centers


Ongoing Application and Approval Cycle

Regional groups are encouraged to proceed at your own pace as you plan for and develop an application for a new Education Service Center. While there is not a set application cycle, there are two deadlines that must be met during the approval process.

Becoming a member of an existing Education Service Center

Each Education Service Center (ESC) is governed by a unique Interlocal Agreement that specifies how new members join the ESC. Follow this link to learn about the timeline.

Application Materials

Facilitators and Legal Cost Reimbursement

Up to $3,000 is available per regional group to assist with the cost of funding facilitation and legal services. SAUs can request these funds by completing the online Facilitator Request Form.

Facilitators are available to provide technical assistance and guidance to regional groups during the process of planning and developing regionalization project applications and proposals.

  • Facilitator Request Form - Use this online form to request a facilitator.
  • Roster of Facilitators - The facilitators on this list participated in the Department's orientation and training session. Additional facilitators will be trained at the Department's discretion.

To request reimbursement for facilitator fees:

Costs for legal services related to the development of a regionalization project proposal are reimbursable by the Department of Education. The request for reimbursement must be made by the SAU who holds the contract for facilitation and legal cost reimbursement on behalf of the regionalization project applicants.  

To request reimbursement for legal costs: