Becoming a Member of an Existing Education Service Center

Each Education Service Center (ESC) is governed by a unique Interlocal Agreement that specifies how new members join the ESC. Questions about membership should be directed to the ESC that the SAU is interested in joining. View Contact an Education Service Center for a description of ESC services and contact information. An SAU can purchase services from an ESC without becoming a member.


Eligibility for EducationService Center Member Allocation. Pursuant to 20-A MRS §15683-C  


Members of an eduucation service center)are eligible for an annual education service center member allocation. This allocation adjustment is provided in Section 5 of the ED279 and is titled education service center member allocation.


A school administrative unit is eligible for an ESC allocation, if according to the education service center, the school administrative unit purchases at least 1 service from at least 2 different categories as specified in §15683-C subsection 2.


Annual timeline for assigning ESC member allocations 


  • By November 30 – Each Education Service Center provides Maine DOE with a projected membership roster. Petitioning an education service center to become a member needs to take place prior to November.
  • By November 30 – SAU superintendents certify their plan to become a member and purchase 1 service from 2 different service categories
  • By December 1 – ESC member lists are provided to Maine DOE’s school finance manager for the essential programs and services calculation and to determine the total education service center member allocation needed state-wide
  • February – SAU ED279s are published with education service center member allocations.


Calculation of the ESC member allocation


  • The ESC member per-pupil allocation - reference 20-A §15683-C