Regionalized Programs and Services

As part of Maine’s plan for putting students first, the Maine Department of Education is focused on improving educational services, increasing student achievement, and creating efficiencies through creative regional partnerships.

We are working together with local districts to help facilitate regional and coordinated approaches to education, and to help focus conversations, visions, and goals that improve education for all Maine students.


Education Service Center
Fund for the Efficient Delivery of Educational Services Grant
Ongoing Projects

An Education Service Center (ESC), as established by Title 20-A MRS Chapter 123, is a multiservice agency established and operated for the purposes of developing, managing, and providing services to its members.

Membership is voluntary and incentivized. The services offered by the ESC, as well as those utilized by its members, are at the discretion of the membership.

The Fund for Efficient Delivery of Educational Services (FEDES), as established by Title 20-A MRS Chapter 114-A, and in accordance with Department of Education Rule Chapter 122, was created to assist in financing the cost of local and regional initiatives to improve educational opportunity and student achievement through more efficient delivery of educational programs and services.

Regional efforts are already underway, both through support from the Maine DOE and through well-established and ongoing partnerships at the local level.



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