How to Become a Maine Educator

There are more than 150 different endorsements for Administrators, Education Specialists, Teachers, and CTE Teachers each with its own requirements.  Please see our certification requirements here.  This will help you understand which endorsement(s) you may qualify for. 

How to Apply

Pathways to Certification 

Pathway 1

Pathway 1 - Approved Teacher Prep Program

Applications received from graduates of a Maine state approved educator preparation program.

Helpful Tip:
  • Review your official transcript to see if there is a note regarding the approved program you completed. If you do not see anything on the transcript regarding this, please submit an approved program verification form completed by the college. The form can be found on the Forms & Resources page
Pathway 2

Pathway 2 - Transcript Analysis

Applications received without having attended a formal education preparation program.  These applications typically have multiple transcripts with the requirements piece-mailed.  Please ensure you include the transcript with your Bachelors confer date.

Helpful Tips:
  • Please be sure to submit an official transcript showing all of your coursework.
  • Double check that your transcript shows a bachelors degree conferred or awarded. 
  • Please submit any praxis test scores that have been taken. 
Pathway 3

Pathway 3 - Out of State Applicant

Interstate Agreement (We do not have direct reciprocity, but provide either a Conditional or Professional certificate depending on conditions listed below)

  • If you have taught for 5 of the last 7 years under the teaching endorsement being sought in Maine, have graduated from any state approved teacher education program, and have a valid certificate in the endorsement being sought, you may qualify for Professional Certification in Maine.
  • If you graduated from any state approved teacher education program and have a valid certificate in the endorsement being sought you may be eligible for a Conditional Certificate.
  • If you did not attend an approved program, your application will be reviewed in our normal transcript analysis pathway.

Helpful Tips:
  • Please submit a detail teaching resume.
  • Please also submit any valid teaching certificates, all transcripts, and any tests you may have taken.
  • If your transcript does not note that an approved program was completed, please be prepared to submit a letter from the university stating you graduated from an approved program and were recommended for certification. The form can be found on the Forms & Resources page