Certification Frequently Asked Questions


Where is my certificate?

We are no longer mailing fingerprint cards or certificates.  Everything is online.  Please login to your MEIS account and check your current credentials.  You may print that screen as needed. (Control-P or Command-P)

How long does certification last?
  • Conditional certificates are active for three years and are non-renewable.  
  • Most professional certificates are active for five years.
  • Ed Tech certificates are active for five years.
How may I check the status of my application?

Log in to your MEIS portal.  You will be able to see the receipt of your application.  If the application is in "open" status you are waiting for an evaluator for review.  If the application is in "closed" status you have either been issued a certificate or have an evaluation letter in the system and in the mail.  If the status is "re-opened" it means the certification office has received new information, have re-opened your application, and it is waiting for evaluator review.

I have a question about testing requirements for educators in Maine. Where would I find related information?

Testing information can be found on the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Praxis website or in Maine Rule Chapter 13, found under "Authority and Forms" of this site.

Where is my CHRC line?

If you have an active certificate, your CHRC clearance rides on the back of your active certificate.  If you apply for a CHRC independently of a certificate, you will see both lines of credentials.

What if I have a transcript from outside of the United States?
  • If you would like to use a transcript that is from another country, we accept any evaluation organization that is certified under the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). For additional information please visit National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES �).
  • Please know that this is not a language translation, but rather a course by course equivalency as systems of education vary across the world.
I am an out of state applicant.  How can I get certified?

We do not have direct reciprocity; however, we do have an Interstate Agreement.   

  • If you have taught for 5 of the last 7 years under the teaching endorsement being sought in Maine, have graduated from any state approved teacher education program, and have a valid certificate in the endorsement being sought, you may qualify for Professional Certification in Maine.
  • If you graduated from any state approved teacher education program and have a valid certificate in the endorsement being sought you may be eligible for a Conditional Certificate.
  • If you did not attend an approved program, your application will be reviewed in our normal transcript analysis pathway.