Credentialing Application

The Maine DOE must certify every teacher in the state before he or she is able to start working in the classroom.

To apply for initial certification evaluation, please follow the seven steps below.

  1. Complete and sign application
  2. Enclose all official transcripts
  3. Include additional documentation, if necessary
  4. Enclose appropriate non-refundable fees
  5. Enclose explanation of application questions to which you answered "yes"
  6. Include examination scores, if applicable
  7. Submit application

You may receive an evaluation for a certificate before having your fingerprints taken. However, prior to being issued any type of Maine certification, you must have your fingerprints taken through a process approved by the Maine Department of Education. Please visit our Fingerprinting web page for more information.


Approval Form - Needed for Fingerprinting and Criminal History Records Check prior to working in Maine Schools

Initial Certification Application* (DOC, 51KB) - Teachers/Administrators/Specialist - Complete page 1

Education Technician Application (DOC, 39KB) - Ed Tech's

School Psychologist Application (DOC, 176KB) - School Psychologist

*On your application, list the appropriate certificate or endorsement code (see guide on page 2 of the application) and the grade level in which you're interested.


Send only official college transcripts. The transcript must show your degree and date conferred, Social Security number (when possible), all courses for which you have received credit, the registrar’s signature and the embossed seal. We do not accept copies of transcripts, scanned transcripts, or computer generated grade reports. If you have transcripts from colleges outside the United States, you must submit a foreign transcript evaluation completed by a company who is a current member of NACES as shown on their website ( All transcripts and degrees must be from an accredited college, whether the college is inside or outside the USA.

If you already hold a Maine certificate in another area, you do not need to send transcripts that you have sent to us previously.

Note for Career and Technical Education teachers & school nurses: You must send a resume of paid work experience related to your endorsement area. The resume must include dates, number of years/weeks in the position and descriptions of work experience.

CTE Teacher Certification in Maine

Individuals wishing to become CTE teachers have a number of paths they can follow to reach that goal. Below are resources to assist in that process.

  • Chapter 115, provides a brief outline of the five different pathways that one may follow to become a CTE instructor. Choose "Part II" and jump to page 44.
  • Checklist. (PDF, 58K) This document provides more detail of the five pathways listed in the Rule.
  • Courses available at EMCC. This is one of the places where CTE teacher certification courses are provided.

Additional Documentation

  • If you hold certification in another state, submit a copy of your out-of-state teacher certificate.
  • If related to the type of certification for which you're applying, you may enclose a copy of your:
    • Maine Registered Nurse license
    • Driver's license and driver education license issued by the Secretary of State
    • Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) or Maine psychologist license

Non-Refundable Fees

Fees must be enclosed in your application packet. Please make checks payable to "Treasurer, State of Maine." You may also elect to use a credit card, in which case you may write your card number and expiration date directly on your application.

  • Educational Technician - $25 
  • Initial Teacher Certificate - $100
  • Each additional Teacher Endorsement - $35
  • Educational Specialists - $100 each
  • Administrator - $200 each
  • Administrative Portfolio Review - $300 (in addition to "Initial Administrator" fee)

Explanation of "Yes" Responses

If you answered yes to:

  • Question 1: For each conviction, attach a brief explanation stating the date and nature of the conviction. If additional information is requested from the Maine DOE, you may need to provide attested copies of the Judgment and Commitment papers (including probation conditions). These documents may be obtained from the Clerk of Courts by which you were convicted.
  • Question 2 and/or 3: Attach an explanation for each situation.
  • A question on a previous application and there have been no additional convictions: Submit a statement that there have been no new convictions since the previous "yes" was submitted.

Examination & Testing Scores

To register for examinations, contact the Educational Testing Service.

If you have taken and passed the appropriate assessments, please include score results (a copy is fine) with your application package even if it is stated that they were sent directly from ETS.

Qualifying Scores for Praxis I/Core Academic Skills for Educators

For certification areas requiring a bachelor’s degree:

  • Reading: 156
  • Writing: 162
  • Mathematics: 150

Applicants for initial teacher certification must achieve a composite score of 468 on the three sections of the Praxis I, with no single score on any section being more than three points lower than the required score above.

For career and technical education certification:

  • Reading: 153
  • Writing: 156
  • Mathematics: 147

Applicants for initial teacher certification must achieve a composite score of 456 on the three sections of the Praxis I, with no single score on any section being more than three points lower than the required score above.

Submit Application

Send all of your application materials together in one package. Incomplete applications will cause delays.

Mail to:

Department of Education
Certification Office
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0023

Additional Information

  • A maximum of six semester hours of course requirements may be met through CLEP Exam(s) with a minimum score of 60 on subject examinations for courses not already taken.
  • A course requirement may be met through a two-year community college, if a minimum grade of "C-" was received for the course and the specific course is part of an articulation agreement with a four-year accredited college or university. The articulation agreement would state that the specific course would be accepted as a transfer credit toward a bachelor's degree at the four-year college. The certification candidate is responsible for providing the Department with documentation meeting the criteria.
  • Student teaching may be waived upon documentation of one school year of successful credentialed teaching in Maine in the endorsement area.