Who Must be Fingerprinted
  • Anyone who works for a school district that is over 18 years old
  • Anyone who is contracted through a school district
  • Volunteers may be asked to be fingerprinted at the discretion of the school district
  • If you get a letter to be fingerprinted call us 2 days after being fingerprinted
What do I need to be Fingerprinted?
  • Step 1: Download, Complete and Mail the Application Approval Form
    *Don't forget to include the $15.00 fee
  • Application Approval Form
  • Step 2:Register with our Fingerprinting Partner.  They have a processing fee of $55. 
  • Visit IdentoGO
  • Note:IdentoGO will provide you with an ID and Confirmation, be sure to keep that.
How often do I need to be Fingerprinted?
  • Every 5 Years, unless you have been continuously employed by a school district in Maine or if your certificate has lapsed more than 6 months.
  • **Coaches and Substitute Teachers must be fingerprinted every 5 years regardless of continuous employment.
Where do I get my Fingerprints?
What is the status of my Fingerprints?