Note: We are no longer mailing fingerprint cards or certificates as proof of credentials. For proof of credentials please Check Application Status through the NEO System. You may print the NEO application status screen for proof of credentials.


Anyone who works with children in a school setting is required by law to be fingerprinted through a process approved by the Maine Department of Education. You may receive an evaluation for a certificate before having your fingerprints taken, but you won't be issued any type of Maine certification until your fingerprints are on file.

Please contact the Certification Office at 207-624-6603 to check the status of your fingerprints or check our on-line NEO system.

If you currently hold a valid educational technician or teacher certificate, but it appears the Criminal History Record Check line is expired, you are still covered to work under that valid certificate. Read Informational Letter 88 (more about the CHRC).

Anyone other than teachers, educational specialists, administrators, or education technicians who works in a school only needs to have fingerprinting and CHRC approval. This includes bus drivers, secretaries, cafeteria employees, custodians, and volunteers (at the school's discretion), among others. .