Interconnection Dispute Resolution Online Form

Instructions for Completing the Online Dispute Resolution Form to Request Good Faith Negotiations

  1. Select which utility the dispute pertains to. 
  2. Provide the customer’s information. 
  3. Indicate if the project is located at the customer’s address. 
    -If Yes, you do not need to enter the project’s address.
    -If No, enter the project’s address. 
  4. Provide the project’s size (kW). 
  5. If the project involved a developer, provide the developer’s information. 
  6. Select the project’s energy source. 
  7. Provide a summary of the dispute, which includes a description and your current position in the dispute. 
  8. Select the Submit button.
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Dispute Resolution Form

Please select which utility the dispute involves.
Service Territory

Interconnection Customer Information

Customer Address

Project Information

Is the project located at Customer's Address?
Project Address

Developer Information 

Energy Source

Dispute Summary

Upon selecting Submit, a copy of the completed form will be provided to the utility's email, customer's email, developer's email (if applicable), and Commission Staff's email. You will not be able to recall or modify the form once submitted.