School Preparedness

School busSchool preparedness has two facets, emergency planning for the school site itself, and educating school staff and students about hazards and emergency planning.

Get thinking about school emergency planning and then get started

Maine State Statute: Requirement for School Emergency Planning
Title 20-A MRSA §1001 ¶16. Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

Maine School Security Guide: Twenty Simple Strategies to Safer and More Effective Maine Schools (PDF)
A guide developed by Michael Dorn of Safe Havens International that provides school officials with practical and no-cost and low-cost security evidence and research-based strategies.

Maine School Security Report Excerpts (PDF)
A report directed by the Maine Legislature that presents results of a statewide school security assessment and some recommendations on how to improve school security.

School Safety and Security Bulletins
Our library of school bulletins issued during the 2018-2019 school year with the help of our partners

Additional Resources
More federal and non-profit partner resources and opportunities

Get students thinking about emergency preparedness

American Red Cross: Resources for Schools/Educating for Emergencies
Includes age-appropriate preparedness materials and trainings to educate youth with engaging activities and easy action steps.

FEMA's Be a Hero! Disaster Preparedness for Kids
Information and games for kids, parents and educators to get the whole family prepared for emergencies and have fun along the way. Resources for educators include curriculum and games for elementary and high school students.

FEMA's Youth Preparedness Strategies and Resources
A many-faceted approach from FEMA and a broad coalition of partners including the American Red Cross and the Department of Education to engage youth in emergency preparedness. Includes a wide range of programs and resources for educators and community leaders.

Student Tools for Emergency Planning (STEP).
This one hour lesson with several other optional lessons is designed for 5th grade students.  Lessons meet Maine learning standards and promote a culture of preparedness at school, at home and throughout the community.