Human-Caused Hazards

MEMA's Technological Hazards Program focuses on improving preparedness for two primary categories of Human-Caused Hazards: Hazardous Materials and Radiological Hazards.

About the Hazards:

  • Hazardous materials preparedness focuses on preparing for and reducing the risk posed by fixed facilities that maintain inventories of hazardous materials, but also on transportation of hazardous materials by road, ship or rail, and preparedness of hazardous materials response teams around the state.
  • Radiological preparedness focuses on preparing for the possible effects in Maine of an incident at a facility outside our borders, as well as other fixed facilities or transportation accidents.

Program staff:

  • Develops plans and planning guidance
  • Schedules and conducts training
  • Facilitates exercises
  • Manages grants and budgets relating to the program
  • Supports opportunities for public education and right-to-know initiatives to make hazard information available to the general public.