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School Safety and Security September 2018:
Guidance 811189-pdf 2018
MEMA Training Approval Guidance:
Guidance on the Training Approval process for MEMA, FEMA, Federal partners and SERC/LEPC training
Guidance Policy 668277-pdf 2016
Situation Report: County/Local:
Form to summarize current emergency situation for submission to county (for locals) or state (for counties, if not using WebEOC)
Form 25091-pdf 25091-rtf 2014
2016 NIMS Data Collection Spreadsheet:
This form should be completed and submitted with 2016 HSGP MOUs. If you are having problems opening the .xlsm form and have an older version of Excel, you may need to install the Microsoft Compatibility Pack. An Adobe .pdf version has also been provided.
Form Grant 628606-pdf 628606-xlsm 2016
Maine CEM-ME Certification Application Form:
Application Form for Maine Certified Emergency Manager Certification(CEM-ME)
Form 53154-docx 2017
Presentation: EHP Laws and Regulations:
FEMA/DHS presentation on Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP) laws, regulations and Executive Orders. #E_H_P
Grant Guidance 636061-pdf 2014
Categories of EHP Compliant Projects:
Categories of projects outlining what level of Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP) Review is required. FEMA/DHS document. #E_H_P
Grant Guidance 636052-pdf 2014
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): EHP process:
FEMA/DHS Frequently asked questions about Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP) review process. #E_H_P
Grant Guidance 636054-pdf 2014
EHP Review Packet Overview:
Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP) Review Packet Overview. Summarized information needed for the EHP Screening Form. FEMA/DHS document. #E_H_P
Grant Guidance 636058-pdf 2014
Presentation: Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP) Compliance:
DHS/FEMA presentation outlining EHP requirements and processes. #E_H_P
Grant Guidance 636060-pdf 2014
Supervisor's Report of Injury:
Form to be completed by Supervisor or Team Chief in case of injury by a Special Teams member. See Special Teams Guidance for Worker's Compensation and Liability
Form Guidance 516530-doc 2013
County EMA Work Plan Reporting Guidance:
Guidelines for Counties to use in preparing quarterly work plan progress reports.
Form Guidance 312080-pdf 2012
Credentialing Policy:
Cuurent policy on issuance of credentials for special teams
Policy 69929-pdf 2015
Special Response Team Member Qualification Form:
Form to be used by Team Chiefs to record team members qualifications. Important for worker's comp and liability issues.
Form 69937-doc 2009
Special Teams Guidance and Worker's Comp and Liability:
Guidance on worker's compensation and liability policies as they apply to special response teams.
Guidance Policy 73177--pdf 73177--doc 2009
Employee's Report of Injury:
Form to be completed in case of injury by a Special Teams member. See Special Teams Guidance for Worker's Compensation and Liability
Form 73178-doc 2009
Credentialing Card Development Guide:
Guide for gathering base data and photos for credential cards for special teams.
Guidance Instructions Policy 69928-pdf 2015
Special Teams MOU:
This MOU template is to be used when executing a NEW MOU with a special teams. Existing MOUs need not be re-done.
Policy 69924-doc 2009
Local Director's Handbook:
Guidebook for a Maine Local Emergency Management Director, describing responsibilities and programs.
Guidance Policy 15039-pdf 2006