MEMA Staff

All MEMA staff can be reached at 1-800-452-8735 (in-state only), 207-624-4400, or by e-mail. You may also contact us if you are not sure who can help you with a question.

The FAX number is 207-287-3178. Our regular office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. For off-hours emergency notification, our duty officer may be reached via the Public Safety Dispatch Center by calling the office contact numbers above.

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Name Title Phone
Peter J. Rogers Acting Director 207-624-4401
Tara Ayotte Dam Safety, EAP Facilitation 207-624-4432
Lisa B. Cody Assistant to the Director/Deputy Director 207-624-4402
Tyra Corson Contract Grant Specialist 207-624-4407
Jesse Farnham State Training Officer 207-624-4473
Susan E. Faloon Public Information Officer 207-624-4400
John Skelley Dam Safety Inspector 207-624-4465
Matt Fournier Technological Hazards Coordinator 207-620-4251
Anne Fuchs State Hazard Mitigation Officer 207-624-4466
Maria Hobbs EMPG Program Manager 207-624-4441
Joe Legee Director, Mitigation, Planning and Recovery 207-215-0442
Laurie Levine Red Cross State Relations Disaster Liaison 207-624-4435
Steven H. Mallory Director, Operations & Response, Statewide Interoperability Coordinator (SWIC) 207-624-4476
Andrew Manzi Assistant Dam Safety Inspector, GIS Mapping 207-624-4472
Daisy Mueller Homeland Security Program Manager 207-215-9402
Barbara A. O'Neil Receptionist, Switchboard 207-624-4475
Naomi M. Petley Public Assistance Officer 207-215-2764
Hunter Quinlan Senior Planner Cyber Security 207-624-4460
Jessica Routhier Finance Tech Support 207-624-4426
Jonathan Ross Senior Planner 207-620-0648
Kathleen Rusley Public Outreach, Social Media, Webmaster 207-620-0960
Alana J. Santos Applications Administrator 207-624-4431
Faith E. Staples Technological Hazards Program Manager 207-557-3675
Alina Wright Individual Assistance and Voluntary Agency Liaison 207-624-4425
John York Natural Hazards Planner 207-624-4428