MEMA Staff

All MEMA staff can be reached at 1-800-452-8735 (in-state only), 207-624-4400, or by e-mail. You may also contact us if you are not sure who can help you with a question.

The FAX number is 207-287-3178. Our regular office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. For off-hours emergency notification, our duty officer may be reached via the Public Safety Dispatch Center by calling the office contact numbers above.

Any open job opportunities for MEMA will be posted at this link on the State of Maine website.

Here is the current MEMA Org Chart (PDF). To e-mail a staff member, click on the individual's name below.

For quick reference, use the search box provided
Name Title Phone
Evelyn Hinkley EMPG Contract & Grant Specialist 207-624-4400
Bill Guindon Mass Care Coordinator 207-624-4400
Garrett Buzzell Communication Systems Manager - Deputy SWIC 207-624-4400
Deb Lord Exercise Officer 207-624-4400
Heather Dumais State Hazard Mitigation Officer 207-624-4400
Cheryl York Public Assistance Grants Administrator 207-624-4400
Samantha Ward Analyst 207-624-4400
Jim Belanger Director, Business Office 207-624-4400
Peter J. Rogers Director 207-624-4400
Tara Ayotte Dam/IEMAC Administrator 207-624-4400
Amy Carole Public Outreach Specialist 207-624-4400
Susan Murphy Executive Assistant 207-624-4400
Stephanie Buzzell Contracts and Grants Specialist 207-624-4400
Tammy Thayer-Hardman Contracts and Grants Specialist 207-624-4400
Vanessa Corson Director, Special Projects and Public Information Officer 207-624-4400
Jesse Farnham Training Officer 207-624-4400
Tony Fletcher Dam Inspector 207-624-4400
Darren Curtis Technological Hazards Coordinator 207-624-4400
Anne Fuchs Director, Mitigation, Planning and Recovery 207-624-4400
Maria Hobbs EMPG Program Manager 207-624-4400
Joe Legee Deputy Director/Director, Homeland Security Division 207-624-4400
Steven H. Mallory Director, Operations & Response Division, SWIC 207-624-4400
Michelle Murchison Receptionist 207-624-4400
Naomi M. Petley Public Assistance Officer 207-624-4400
Anna Poppelreiter Assistant Dam Inspector 207-624-4400
Sunny Cyr Management Analyst II 207-624-4400
Jonathan Ross Senior Planner 207-624-4400
Christine Whelan Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Administrator 207-624-4400
Tayla Knapp Accounts Payable 207-624-4400
Larry Vinal Business Systems Administrator 207-624-4400
Faith E. Staples Technological Hazards Program Manager/EMAC Coordinator 207-624-4400
Kelsey Preecs Individual Assistance Officer 207-624-4400
Samuel Roy Natural Hazards Planner 207-624-4400