State & Local Cybersecurity Grant Program

Thank you for your interest in information security and the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP). The goal of the SLCGP is to help states, local governments, rural areas, and territories address cybersecurity risks and cybersecurity threats to information systems. DHS will implement the SLCGP through the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with two grant programs: (1) the SLCGP, which allows state and territory State Administrative Agencies (SAAs) to apply for grant funding (states and territories are the only eligible entities - local and tribal governments are eligible subrecipients under this program); and (2) the Tribal Cybersecurity Grant Program (TCGP), which allows Tribal governments to apply for grant funding (under the TCGP, Tribal governments of federally-recognized Tribes are the only eligible entities and do not apply for funding through SAAs – the Notice of Funding Opportunity for the TCGP is forthcoming).

While the funding will not meet all of the State of Maine’s cyber needs, the intent will be to maximize the impact of the funds statewide to elevate our collective cybersecurity posture. The grant requires that we establish a state-wide Cybersecurity Plan, and we are currently working to assemble the team to develop this Plan. As a part of this process, the manner for conducting communications to best serve the goals of the SLCGP will be identified, including how best to inform and solicit input from others during the Plan’s development. We feel this is a part of the grant’s intent, to break down silos in communications, build a framework that establishes a whole-of-state approach to addressing cybersecurity risks, and cybersecurity threats to our information systems.

Again, thank you.

For additional information on the SLCGP, please see CISA’s SLCGP resources at and FEMA’s website at

FY22 State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP) NOFO (pdf)
FY22 State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP) Fact Sheet (pdf)
FY22 State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP) FAQs (pdf)