Links & Resources

Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO): ASDSO is a national non-profit organization serving state dam safety programs and the broader dam safety community.

Canadian Dam Association: CDA is a group of dam owners, operators, regulators, engineers and others who share the goal of advancing knowledge and practices related to dams, consistent with social and environmental values.

Department of Homeland Security - Dam Sector: The Dams Sector is composed of assets that include dam projects, hydropower generation facilities, navigation locks, levees, dikes, hurricane barriers, and other similar water retention and water control facilities.

FEMA: National Dam Safety Program: The National Dam Safety Program (NDSP) led by FEMA, is a partnership of states, federal agencies and other stakeholders to encourage individual and community responsibility for dam safety.

FERC Hydropower Dam Safety: Dam safety is a critical part of the Commission's hydropower program and receives top priority.

Maine Dam Owner Contact Information (pdf): Dam Owners should notify the Maine Office of Dam Safety if dam ownership is transferred or if ownership and operator contact ha changed. This fillable form should be updated and sent to the Maine Office of Dam Safety. 

Maine DEP Hydropower & Dams: The Federal Clean Water Act requires that the States certify that the construction or operation of hydropower projects subject to federal licensing meets State water quality standards. Maine DEP is the water quality certification agency.

Maine DEP Water Level Petition (pdf): Maine DEP administers statutory authority over non-hydropower dams through Natural Resource Protection laws that allow or exempt certain construction or repair activities, and by establishing water levels and downstream flows through a petition process.

National Inventory of Dams (US Army Corps of Engineers): Non-government users can query the database using the interactive report and map functions but cannot directly download any data from this site. PLEASE NOTE: Dam counts for low-hazard dams may be lower than Maine's dam count due to a difference of regulatory height and impoundment size.

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Dam Bureau: The Dam Bureau's oversees the construction, maintenance and safe operation of New Hampshire dams.

US Army Corps of Engineers - Civil Works: The Civil Works programs include water resource development activities including flood risk management, navigation, recreation, and infrastructure and environmental stewardship.