Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP)

The NSGP is a competitive grant program appropriated annually through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It is intended to help nonprofit organizations increase their physical security posture against acts of terrorism or other extremist attacks. MEMA administers Nonprofit Security Grants in Maine. 

Applicants should have the following prepared for the FY2024 grants:

FY2024 Nonprofit Security Grant Program Application Instructions

  1. Complete a Vulnerability/Risk Assessment.
    • Each applicant must include its vulnerability/risk assessment unique to each site. This file should be submitted in pdf format, however there is no specific form/format requirement for the Vulnerability/Risk Assessment itself. One option is to use the Vulnerability Self-Assessment Tool (pdf)
  2. Provide a Mission Statement at time of application.
    • Each applicant must include its Mission Statement and any mission implementing policies or practices that may elevate the organization’s risk.
  3. Provide a completed State of Maine W-9 and Vendor Authorization Form or the Organization's State of Maine Vendor Code at time of application. 
  4. Review and follow the MEMA Grant Application Portal Sign Up and Profile Instructions (pdf).
  5. Review and follow the NSGP Grant Application Portal Instructions (pdf).
  6. Reminder: All required documents must be uploaded through the MEMA Grant Portal in order to complete the applications process. 
Stay tuned for more information once the FY2024 Notice of Funding Opportunity is released by FEMA.

FY2023 Application, Guidance, and Other Information

NSGP Reimbursement Requests

Please contact to inquire about reimbursements.

MEMA NSGP Grant Portal

MEMA Grant Application Portal Sign Up and Profile Instructions (pdf)

Grant Resources

NSGP Specific Authorized Equipment List (xls) 

Preparedness Grants Manual (link) 

How to Obtain an Unique Identity ID (link)

Vulnerability Self-Assessment Tool (pdf)


For more information about Maine's Nonprofit Security Grant Program, please contact us