Searsport Offshore Windport Project Archive

Here you can find historic materials and additional informational resources from the proposed Searsport offshore wind project.

Offshore Windport Port Advisory Group

In early 2022, the State of Maine assembled an Offshore Wind Port Advisory Group (OSWPAG) to serve as an advisor to the Maine Department of Transportation, the Governor’s Energy Office, and other state officials regarding the development of a wind port that will allow Maine to realize the environmental and economic benefits of the rapidly developing offshore wind market in a way that reflects community values and minimizes adverse impacts. The intent of this OSWPAG process was to provide the structure for a robust stakeholder and public communication process with respect to wind port development. Group members attended six meetings throughout 2022 and 2023 and provided an early engagement final report on in July 2023.

Maine's Offshore Wind Roadmap - Governor's Energy Office

The Maine Offshore Wind Roadmap is a stakeholder-driven comprehensive plan that offers detailed strategies for Maine to realize economic, energy, and climate benefits from offshore wind, in conjunction with communities, fisheries, and wildlife of the Gulf of Maine.

Online public meeting - October 2023