Programs and Grants Applications

Welcome to the Programs and Grants Applications website. This website has information on the following grants that are managed by MaineDOT:

  • Boating Infrastructure Grants (BIG)
  • Projects Along Designated Scenic Highways
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Funding
  • Small Harbor Improvement Program (SHIP)

Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) Program

MaineDOT sends out an announcement each year, typically in the summer, related to a Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) Program funding opportunity from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for projects that may benefit 26 feet or larger recreational transient boats. These improvements are eligible for both public or private facilities!

It is important to note that the project improvements often benefit all users in a harbor or coastal tidewater facility. This is an important opportunity to help improve Maine coastal communities.

If interested, please review carefully an example of the yearly application criteria from the Notice of Availability for the Fiscal Year 2014 Tier 2 BIG Grant Program from the USFWS:

After review, if your community or private business feels that it may have an eligible candidate for consideration for an upcoming year, and can fulfill all the requirements including pulling all the information together for an application, please contact Chris Mayo at 207-624-3409 or email Chris directly.

Projects Along Designated Scenic Byways

For information on MaineDOT's Scenic Byway's program administration, funding opportunities, planned projects, designation of new byways or other matters, please call 207-624-3409

Municipal Partnership Initiative (MPI)

The Municipal Partnership Initiative (MPI) program was conceived and developed in early 2011.  It is a creative method to develop, fund, and build projects of municipal interest on the state infrastructure system with DOT as a partner.  It is MaineDOT’s intention that this program remain simple, flexible, and fast moving. It will respond to municipal interests, leverage economic opportunities, and improve safety whenever possible while ensuring the public gets good value for their tax dollars. 

When a municipality indicates interest in making an eligible improvement or adding to the scope of an existing MaineDOT Project, the request is forwarded to the DOT Regional Office for action.  Shortly thereafter, the Region Engineer meets with the municipal official to scope out the project.  The scoping, approval, agreement, and development processes will be as lean and simple as possible so that a Cooperative Agreement can be signed within 2 months if all goes well.  These projects will not go through the normal planning process.

Unless waived by the Commissioner, the state funding contribution for a project will be capped at $500,000 and generally have a state share of 50% or less.  State funding for the MPI is limited by available state funding, which is impacted by revenue projections, Legislative budget deliberations, bid prices, and the severity of winter weather.  Usually MaineDOT budgets between $4 – 5 million per year for the MPI.  Funding shares will be negotiated on a case by case basis, depending on the extent of regional or statewide benefits.  Consideration will be given to the impact a project has on eliminating the need for current and future projects and maintenance needs.  Municipalities may also propose shifting long-term maintenance responsibilities as part of their share.

MPI Document