Welcome to the Maine Local Roads Center

The Maine Local Roads Center provides training, technical assistance, and information to those municipal and county personnel who are responsible for constructing, maintaining, and managing local roads and bridges in Maine. Administered by the Maine Department of Transportation, the Maine Local Roads Center is one of over 50 “technology transfer” centers established by the Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) of the Federal Highway Administration.

For additional information, visit the Community Services Division website.

How Can We Help Your City or Town

Our small staff has over 70 years of cumulative experience working with Maine towns and cities of all sizes.  In those years, we have provided advice and technical guidance on most subjects related to Maine’s local roads and bridges.  Give us a call or send us an email if your town needs help or technical assistance on any subject.  We strive to give immediate answers because you usually need an answer now or for tonight’s meeting.  Our other forms of assistance come through:

  • Statewide workshops on a wide variety of subjects
  • Our website
  • Our field “Road Ranger” Paul Brown
  • Software for managing your road network and traffic signs
  • Our newsletter, “Maine Local Roads News”
  • Onsite training
  • Site visits or meetings in your town
  • Publications and videos

To contact our office:

  • Phone:  1-800-498-9133
    Email:  local.web@maine.gov
    Mail:  Station 16, Augusta ME  04333-0016
    Office: 24 Child St, Augusta Maine

Join the Local Roads Listserv

This email service is sponsored by MaineDOT's Local Roads Center and is a network for open discussion among municipal/state/county staff who are responsible for local road or bridge issues, public works, and any other local road concern. (no attachments please). You can connect with your colleagues to openly discuss any issue that you need advice or technical assistance with in your town/city.

  • Who can subscribe: road commissioners, selectmen, town/city managers, public works directors, foremen, road committee members, equipment operators, and anyone else involved with public road/bridge maintenance.
  • What can be discussed: virtually any road/bridge subject that you are looking for advice on. However, this list is not for the purpose of solicitation of products, although products may be discussed for the purpose of providing support to other members.
  • How to subscribe and how to change list options: To sign up for updates or to access your subscriber preferences, join our Maine Local Roads Center Listserv
  • Questions or concerns? contact us at local.web@maine.gov or 1-800-498-9133.
Events, Workshops, and "Road Ranger and Bridge Ranger"
  • Upcoming Workshops 
  • Maine “Roads Scholar” Program
  • "Road Ranger" -
    Paul Brown is the Center's new "Road Ranger" in 2020 and is available to Maine towns/cities/ counties for free on site technical assistance on local road issues and challenges. Former Ranger Phil Curtis retired in the Spring of 2019 after providing free technical assistance and training to a large number of communities throughout the state of Maine for 25+ years. See brochure here.
  • "Bridge Ranger" -
    Jim Foster is the Center's new "Bridge Ranger" in 2021 and is available to Maine towns/cities/ counties for free on site technical assistance on local bridge/small span and culvert issues and challenges. See brochure here.